Buddhists congregate in Agartala for religious festival

Buddhists congregate in Agartala for religious festivalAgartala, Nov 10 : Hundreds of Buddhists congregated at Agartala''s historical Buddhist monastery here on Sunday to participate in the 32nd ''Kathin Chibor Dan'' Festival, one of the main religious festivals of the Buddhist community.

Devotees said the festival is celebrated throughout the world within a month of the conclusion of the ''Prabarana Purnima'', the full moon of the Hindu month of Ashwini.

During ''Kathin Chibor Dan'', new robes are donated to monks. Buddhists lit candles, offered prayers and donated books, pens, notebooks and tied sacred threads to trees, which they believe would fulfill their wishes.

"We want to pray to God that peace is restored throughout the world. We want to spread Buddha''s message of peace and we condemn militancy," said Sruta Ranjan Khisa, a devotee.

"This festival is celebrated throughout the world. Devotees gather and donate different things to the monks as a symbol of sacrifice," said Hriday Kanta Barua, another devotee.

The festival is also a time to introduce the younger generation to Buddhists philosophies and traditions slowly waning away. (ANI)