Bigfoot’s hoax ‘body’ up for sale on ebay

Bigfoot’s hoax ‘body’ up for sale on ebayCanberra, Oct 14: The hoax ‘body’ of Bigfoot, which was found to be a Halloween costume made of rubber, has been put on sale by eBay, complete with the basement freezer it was kept in.

According to a report by Fox News, the hoax came into being after two Georgia residents, Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer, recently claimed that they had discovered the frozen corpse of a Bigfoot.

But, Tom Biscardi, owner of a Bigfoot exploration website, decided to get under the skin of things, and hired a self-described “Sasquatch detective” Steve Kulls to solve the mystery.

He sent Kulls to a secret location — apparently Muncie, Indiana — to check out the specimen. But, what Kulls found at the location failed to impress him, and after elaborate analysis, he declared the body to be a fake.

Now, paranormal entrepreneur Joshua P. Warren, from North Carolina, claims to be selling the original rubber Halloween costume on eBay, complete with the basement freezer it was kept in.

According to Warren, he’s working with Dyer and Whitton, who claimed, for a while at least, to have shot and/or found the “corpse” in the forest.

Warren, who e-mailed FoxNews. com directly with news of the auction, claims on the eBay page that the costume’s being sold to “settle financial problems created by the hoax.”

With bids currently around 55,000 US dollars, the highest bidder will get the rubber costume with “non-organic” parts replacing the roadkill guts, the freezer, “legal paperwork to prove its authenticity” and a “personal visit” from Dyer and Whitton.

For 450 dollars, one can simply buy the same costume Dyer and Whitton used, minus the entrails, paperwork, freezer and personal appearance.

It’s not the first time someone’s made money from an eBay auction related to the hoax. Someone in California sold a duplicate head for 600 dollars in late August. (ANI)