The best cryptocurrencies to play online casinos

The best cryptocurrencies to play online casinos

Online casinos have seen a massive boost in their popularity over recent times. Something that has driven that boost is that more and more of these are now accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment method. Casinos aren’t just accepting crypto, they are actually giving certain perks to players that choose to use it.

Does it matter which crypto that you choose to use? Is one any better than another? Here’s a look at the top cryptos that can be used at online casinos right now.


As the original cryptocurrency, Bitcoin had to feature on this list. Looking at any review of bitcoin casino will show you just how popular this crypto is with players and will also let you see the fantastic variety of games that are available when you opt to pay this way.

Bitcoin has been around since 2009 and has stood the test of time. It has weathered the storm of two financial crises and stood strong. Here are some of the key benefits of using Bitcoin:

• It is popular and accepted at a variety of casinos
• It is secure thanks to blockchain technology
• Bitcoin is here for the long-term i.e forever!
• It is the most commonly used cryptocurrency


Perhaps not quite as well known as Bitcoin, this crypto was launched back in 2014. Two days after its launch there were almost 2 million coins in circulation. Something that is really great about Dash is that you can use it to make small deposits as well as large ones.

This makes it great for online casinos that allow you to deposit minimal amounts and still enjoy what is on offer. Here are some of the other benefits that are offered by Dash:

• Dash is known as being the simplest crypto that there is so anyone can use it
• Deposits and withdrawals can be made at lightning speed


Having been released back in 2011, by 2013 its value had already reached the staggering heights of $1 billion. This gives you a bit of an insight into how popular and how successful this crypto really is.

While people have made a lot of money trading Litecoin, the stability of the currency had made it great for those who want to use it at online casinos. Here’s a summary of the key benefits that Litecoin brings:

• This is a currency that will be here for the long term
• It was created by professionals who worked at Google
• It is commonly known and widely accepted


A great deal of planning went into Ripple before its release. Work began on this crypto in 2004 but it would be another 8 years before it was launched. Developed by Ryan Fugger, this is a currency that has already made a significant mark in the world of crypto.

Although not as popular as some of the other cryptos that we have looked at, there are still some benefits from choosing Ripple:

• Safe and secure thanks to its network
• The price of this currency is heading up so there are profits to be made, potentially


This is a crypto that has positioned itself as a direct rival to Bitcoin. It is one that is growing in popularity and one that offers fantastic levels of security. Aside from the currency itself, Ethereum is popular due to the chance to develop and sell non-fungible tokens.

Reasons for making Ethereum your crypto of choice at online casinos include:

• It is a currency that may well soon be the most popular amongst cryptos
• Great levels of security
• Widely accepted

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