Best Add-ons for Your Two-wheeler Insurance Coverage

Best Add-ons for Your Two-wheeler Insurance Coverage

Insurance cover is the ultimate way to protect your two-wheeler. It is mandatory to own an insurance cover for vehicles in India. While looking for bike insurance online, you must consider different options to enhance the coverage and enjoy complete protection at all times. Add-on covers for two-wheelers are purchased over and above the basic insurance policy. It is an additional cover and requires an extra payment.

You can purchase add-ons for your comprehensive insurance policy or own damage bike insurance policy. Remember, the add-on will increase the premium but it will also offer adequate coverage. The extra premium will be worth it in case of an accident or other mishap. Having add-ons can enhance the policy coverage significantly. Here are the top 5 add-ons you must consider for your two-wheeler insurance coverage:

1. Roadside assistance cover

Any vehicle owner will vouch for this; fixing even minor damages to a two-wheeler can cost thousands of rupees. The roadside assistance add-on will cover for an accident and will take care of the immediate assistance in the case of a breakdown. The cover includes services such as towing the vehicle to the nearest shop, delivery of fuel, changing flattened tyres, assistance for lost keys, taxi service and more. This type of assistance is not covered under a basic insurance plan and this add-on will enhance the coverage significantly.

2. Zero depreciation cover

In standard bike insurance, the insurance company will deduct the depreciation on the two-wheeler when paying for your policy. If you have zero depreciation cover, the insurance company will pay for the depreciation expenses that are incurred on the two-wheeler, allowing you to claim a higher amount from the company.

3. Outstation emergency cover

The outstation emergency cover will help when travelling to an unknown location. If there are any issues with the two-wheeler, the cover will help. But, you can claiminsurance only outside a 100 km radius of your residential address. This add-on also has a limit on the number of claims you can make.

4. Passenger assistance cover

In usual cases, if you meet with an accident while riding with a pillion, the insurance company will only cover you and the two-wheeler. But, with a passenger assistance cover, you will have coverage for the bodily injuries or death of the pillion. This add-on can make a huge difference in the time of an accident and is a must for those who often ride with a pillion.

5. Engine cover

The most important part of your two-wheeler is its engine. An engine cover offers compensation for the damages caused to the engine, which are usually not covered in the standard insurance plan.

You can enhance your bike insurance coverage with these add-ons. Your premium may become higher but it will cover all the crucial aspects in the case of an accident. You can purchase the add-ons when you buy bike insurance online. Compare the amount of premium for different add-ons and then make a decision. You can also buy add-ons when you renew bike insurance. The add-ons can provide flexibility to shape the two-wheeler insurance policy just the way you want. It will offer complete protection to you and the two-wheeler, making it worth every extra rupee you spend on the premium amount.