BBC plans to roll out Dr. Who game

BBC plans to roll out Dr. Who gameBBC is working up on one of its biggest hits, Dr. Who to release a similar pattern in a gaming platform. As the reports state BBC will be working hand in glove with the computer games designer, Charles Cecil, to produce around four interactive episodes related to the popular series.

It is believed that the measure is in close co-ordinance to BBC's motive to make people aware of the computer usage, aiming at those who are not very computer literate.

BBC wishes to encourage the audience to join in the wariness for computers and use to its fullest. According to Simon Nelson, the head of BBC multiplatform in vision sates that BBC is great at creating new forms of drama.

Also, in terms of progress of the Simon stated that game episodes are quite interactive and requires lot of involvement and thus might be successful in bringing the whole family to get together, as they are with the TV show, which is currently enjoying its fifth new series since being brought back from the archives.