Baojun Yep compact electric SUV ready for public debut

Baojun Yep compact electric SUV ready for public debut

Inspired by the success of the Wuling Hongguang Mini EV in China, the SAIC-GM-Wuling (SGMW) joint venture (JV) is preparing to launch a new tiny electric vehicle, called the Baojun Yep.

Officially dubbed as the Wuling Hongguang Mini EV, the upcoming compact zero-emissions vehicle is also known as YueYe in China. It features the shape of a boxy SUV that is expected to help it be noticeable in the fast-growing mini EV segment. Originally, it was previewed as a concept dubbed Urban Fun Trendy SUV.

In some newly leaked photos, the upcoming tiny electric SUV can be seen badged simply as a Baojun. In spite of its diminutive size, the boxy two-door EV has rugged looks, thanks to features like chunky off-road bumpers, bulged wheel arches, and black details like the A-pillars, cladding and roof rails.

In size, the Baojun Yep seems to be an ultra-compact vehicle, with length, breadth and height measuring 3,381 mm (133.1 inches), 1,685 mm (66.3 inches), and 1,721 mm (67.7 inches), respectively. The wheelbase of the vehicle measures merely 2,110 mm (83 inches), while the curb weight has been reported at 1,006 kg (roughly 2,217 pounds). To get a better sense of the upcoming EV’s size, it can be compared to the Suzuki Jimny as both almost same in dimensions. The Suziki Jimmy is one of the smallest SUVs available in the market today.

According to Baojun, the all-electric Yep SUV is a four-seat vehicle, but the rear seats are reportedly no capable of accommodating adults, thanks to the very compact size of the vehicle.

The mini SUV seems to be a rugged vehicle, fit for all types of terrain, but it is not an all-wheel drive (AWD) vehicle. While the company may launch an AWD version of the EV sometime in the future, it has no such plans at least for the time being.

As per available information, the soon-to-be officially unveiled Baojun Yep will come equipped with a single electric motor positioned at the rear. The motor can churn out 50 kilowatts (roughly 67 hp) and 140 Newton-meters (103 pound-feet) of torque.

The TZ155X050 permanent magnet synchronous drive motor supplied by the Shuanglin Group will enable the EV to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) within a few seconds. For power, the motor will rely on LFP battery that promises a CLTC range of 303 km (188 miles) on a single charge.

Public debut of the Baojun Yep electric SUV has been slated for the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show in April this year.

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