Apple watch helps save Massachusetts teen athlete’s life

A Massachusetts teen has given credit to his Apple Watch for saving his life, and the ordeal has earned him an internship with the tech giant. Paul Houle, a high school football player, checked his heart rate using watch after he experienced chest and back pains following a long day practice in the heat.

Houle said that he tested his heart rate, and it was around 145 for about two hours after practice. He was diagnosed with a condition known as rhabdomyolysis, or rhabdo for short.

Houle stayed in the hospital for three days, and was not able to move. Even seven days after the incident, he still wasn't allowed to play football.

Rhabdomyolosis takes place when intense workout causes muscle cells to leak enzymes and protein into the blood. It can result in kidney failure and even death in some cases.

Houle said, "I was so dehydrated that my muscles started to actually break down and release a protein that is sort of toxic into my blood stream which caused my heart, my liver and my kidneys all to shut down".

The words said by him regarding Apple Watch usage reached the ears of top man at Apple. Houle said that he received a phone call from a California number, and the person on the other side of the phone said that 'hello, my name is Tim Cook, CEO of Apple'. Cook has offered him a new iPhone, along with an internship next summer at Apple.