Apple to introduce ‘Force Touch’ feature Soon

According to reports, soon Apple's iPhone users will be able to control their phones using a new feature called Force Touch. The technology company has been making the new gesture into its iOS 9 for the next iPhones.

The new feature of the company will allow a user to press down and hold an icon to perform some action. In a case when a person presses the icon for a long time, the user feels a buzz of the haptic feedback engine.

The company said its new feature has debuted in its new Watch. It is already available in the trackpads of Apple's new MacBooks. According to the reports, the new feature will soon be available in a number of other devices of the company and the iPad will be one of them.

On the Apple Watch, a user can use Force Touch feature to change the face of the watch. When a user uses the feature and presses down on the screen, the user interface of the watch shows a number of alternative designs to choose from.

According to reports, the Force Touch feature could have some other applications on the phone. The feature will simplify the existing user interface. According to Apple, its Force Touch feature is different from the current tap-and- hold gesture which is already present in iOS 8. Currently, a user holds on any app to delete or move apps on the home screen, while in Maps, press and hold feature is used to drop a location pin.

Force Touch feature is expected to replace some of those old functions. The Force Touch feature is used on a specific word to pull up the definition of the word.