Another Foot-And-Mouth Case Confirmed In Surrey Cattle Farm

Foot and MouthLondon: A recent report has showed that a new case of foot-and-mouth disease has been confirmed on a cattle farm in the Egham area of Surrey in Britain. This is the sixth case in Britain since early August.

Examinations were followed out after the animals indicated the disease signs.

“Positive test results for foot-and-mouth disease have now been confirmed at the site where it was decided that cattle should be slaughtered on suspicion,” the news agency reported quoting a spokeswoman for the Department for the Environment and Rural Affairs, without naming the farm.

In the last two weeks, the infection has been confirmed at three other farms in the Egham area.

According to the report about 40 cattle have been killed on the place that comes within the three-kilometer protection region.

The disease has been blamed on the virus shaking off leaking pipes at the close by Pirbright laboratory site.

Four new cases near Egham have came out in the last two weeks, just days after the administration announced Britain free of the infection accompanying the August epidemic in which two cases came forth.

It was not identified whether the newest case was the same breed as the earlier cases.

The spokeswoman said that the infection has had a shocking effect on farmers' sales and their income, but there’s some release that the new case was within the protection zone.

Some 1,800 animals have thus far been plucked since the outburst, but a few of the group limitations outside the inspection zone have been lifted.