Air Services opens new doors of growth in Middle-East

EtihadThe Middle-East region saw unprecedented rise in number of travelers coming in the region, thanks to the airlines proving better air connectivity between Arab countries and rest of the world. The boom in flights also proved beneficial for the local population as it provided employment to a large number of people.

Emirates and Etihad Airways are witnessing significant rise in demand of air services from holidaymakers and business executives and thus putting extra efforts in place for enhancing the services.

Emirates said that it will provide employment to 35 people at Manchester Airport and its European call centre in Wilmslow. It should be recalled that Emirates and Etihad Airlines are planning flights to Manchester in a fresh effort to increase investment in the region.

Laurie Berryman, Emirates' vice president for the UK and Ireland, said, "Manchester and the surrounding area has been a wonderful source of top quality staff for us and we look forward to welcoming new recruits to our family."