900 dead pigs found in Shanghai river

900 dead pigs found in Shanghai riverShanghai, March 10 : Over 900 dead pigs were retrieved from Shanghai's Huangpu river Saturday after a large number of bodies were found floating in the water, authorities said.

These pigs were spotted in the Songjiang section, the upstream of the Huangpu river and a drinking water source for Shanghai residents, reported Xinhua citing the city's water supplies bureau.

But it did not effect the water quality, said the bureau. However, to ensure tap water safety, local environmental protection and water supplies authorities beefed up quality examination at the water intakes as well as the whole water disinfection process.

The Shanghai Agriculture Committee have carried out bio-safety treatment on the retrieved dead pigs. It is investigating where the dead pigs may have come from.

The committee said so far it has not received reports of animal epidemic outbreaks in the city.

Authorities were still retrieving dead pigs to avoid water contamination till last report.(IANS)