5 Things to Consider Before Buying Health Insurance

5 Things to Consider Before Buying Health Insurance

Buying your favorite product online is such a fun thing to do! But when it comes to purchasing health insurance, we tend to keep it away as it is essential and an overwhelming task for most of us. In recent years, healthcare costs have shot up across the sky. And with COVID-19, it is not wise to delay investing in health insurance. Technology is a boon for shopping then why not health Insurance? You can easily look for options available and use a health insurance premium calculator to know the accurate cost. Before you begin your search, here are five crucial tips to consider for buying health insurance.

The Type of Plan

The market is filled with a plethora of options for health insurance. One needs to be aware of the types of plans to make a suitable choice. For instance, there are family floater plans, individual health insurance, and critical illness insurance. Choose the type as per your responsibilities and foreseeable future. It is advised to have health insurance with a critical illness as a rider to have comprehensive coverage.

Look for Sub-Limits

Many health insurance companies put a capping on medical expenditure on specific treatments and facilities. Regardless of the premium being high, you may suffer from less reimbursement due to set sub-limits. Hence, choose a health insurance plan that has zero sub-limits, even at a costly premium. Always read the fine print of the policy for terms and conditions to avoid any complications in the future.


The most significant thing is the amount of your coverage and its quick reimbursement. With medical costs surging day by day, one needs to buy a health insurance policy that offers exhaustive coverage. Many people rely on the group insurance provided by their employer. In most cases, it is not sufficient to help the patient cover all the costs. Go for an additional plan as per your requirement. Use an online health insurance premium calculator for finding the best fit.

Pre-Existing Diseases

Health insurance is needed for tackling uncertain medical emergencies in the future. Hence, insurance companies do not cover pre-existing diseases right from the time you buy health insurance. Generally, pre-existing ailments are not covered in the first year and are included from the second year. Ensure you disclose the pre-existing conditions beforehand and clarify the company's policy regarding their coverage. Research and choose a policy with a minimum waiting period.

Entry and Renewal Age

Health insurance can be taken for minors with their parents. An individual can purchase one when they turn 18 till the age of 70. Usually, this is the norm set by health insurance companies. Additionally, certain companies offer lifetime renewal, whereas others do not renew after a maximum age limit. Therefore, choose a plan with entry-age flexibility and a lifetime renewal facility. It is advisable to start as young as possible for reaping massive coverage.


Buying health insurance can be a tricky task. Keep in mind these tips and research thoroughly to find a plan that meets your requirements. You will ensure your family's financial stability and yourself in case of a medical contingency by taking a health insurance policy. Hence, do not delay and invest in one as early as possible.