1,400 passengers grounded at Warsaw's Frederic Chopin Airport after cyber attack

On Sunday, over 1,400 passengers were grounded at Warsaw's Frederic Chopin Airport as a result of a cyber-attack against Polish flagship carrier.

According to an airline spokesman, it is the ‘first attack of its kind’. The carrier said in a statement, the incident took place at around 4:00 pm (1500 GMT), in which the airline's ground operations system was attacked.

The incident was resolved by 9:00 pm. It caused the cancellation of 10 flights departing from Warsaw.

LOT spokesman Adrian Kubicki also said, “We’re using state-of-the-art computer systems, so this could potentially be a threat to others in the industry. The attack is now being investigated by the authorities”.

According to the airline, the ‘IT attack’ indicated that it was not capable of creating flight plans and flights were not able to depart from Warsaw. The attack was investigated by Poland's security agencies.

Concerns related to aviation and hacking are increasing and as airliners are connected to the Internet, problem is increasing even more. Such connection has led to concerns that cyber terrorists could attack planes remotely.

Last year, the International Civil Aviation Organization said that cyber crime was a serious threat to safety in the skies; it assured of setting up a ‘security culture’ protecting travelers against any disastrous incident.

In April, it was warned in a US report that hackers could misuse in-flight entertainment systems to fatally damage cockpit electronics. According to the airline, it was providing hotels to those passengers who needed to stay during the night and some were already able to board flights.