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South Korea holds submarine exercises due to the rising tension

South-KoreaThe navy in South Korea is conducting a mass anti-submarine drill due to the rising war situations with North Korea over the sinking issue of the South Korean warship.

As per sources, at least 10 warships are involved in this drill and the anti-submarine depth charges and naval weapons are to be tasted.

Earlier, US has also shown its interest to take part in this military drill. The submarine drill is going on at the west coast town of Taean, on the other hand the K1 tanks of South Korea are in the exercises.

North Korea finishes its all ties with Seoul

sinking-South-Korean-warshipNorth Korea has declared to cut all relationship and ties with South Korea. It has announced that there will be no further friendship between both the countries. As per sources, the South Korean workers are working in a jointly run factory on north of the border has been terminated. This action comes after the North Korea was blamed for the sinking of South Korean warship.

China understands the "gravity" of sinking of South Korean navy ship

Hillary ClintonU. S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said that China understands the "gravity" of the situation arising from the sinking of the South Korean navy ship.

Her government will be working with China to respond to the "provocative action" by North Korea, which has been blamed by international investigators for the March 26 incident in the Yellow Sea in which 46 South Korean sailors died, Clinton said, speaking to reporters in Beijing Tuesday after the conclusion of the two-day China-U. S. Strategic and Economic Dialogues.

Recent on-goings on Ace-Axis deal

Axis-Network-TechnologyAxis Network Technology Ltd of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, has been merged with South Korean company Ace Technologies Corp and Ace & Partners for a whooping USD 35 million.

This deal divides Ace Technologies with 55% of Axis, while Ace & Partners engulfs 45%.

The deal aims to stretch Ace's wireless network business in addition with Remote Radio Heads, further strengthening the company's platform with compact base stations and integrated and active antennas.

US wants to conduct naval exercises with South Korea

US wants to conduct naval exercises with South KoreaUS said that it is interested to go for naval exercises with South Korea after the torpedo attack on the South Korean warship. North Korea was blamed for the sinking.

Pentagon has said the joint military exercises and anti-submarine exercises will start in short period of time. The South Korean President has stopped every kind of trading with North Korea and vowed to punish those who had done this act.

North Korea has cleared that it is fully ready to retaliate for any kind of action or attack against it.

South Korean navy ship was sunk by North Korea’s torpedo

South-Korea-ship-sinksA torpedo of a submarine that belongs to North Korea had sunk a navy ship of South Korea in March. Now it has been proved with proper evidence. In this incident 46 sailors were missing. But the mystery behind the attack has been unraveled now.

The investigators have found a part of the torpedo on the sea floor. The lettering on that torpedo is just matching with a North Korean design.

Sinking of a South Korean warship to be discussed with South Korea

Sinking of a South Korean warship to be discussed with South KoreaOfficials have said that a visit to the United States this week by a senior South Korean diplomat is expected to address the recent sinking of a South Korean warship.

Yonhap news agency reported on Wednesday that the two countries will discuss joint measures concerning the March 26 sinking of the 1,200-ton Cheonan near a tense border with North Korea in the Yellow Sea.

North Korea is increasingly suspected of involvement in the tragedy that left 46 sailors dead, South Korea has said.

Samsung with its HW-C560S home theatre system

Samsung with its HW-C560S home theatre systemThe Korean maker of electronics has launched its latest HW-C560S home theatre system for those who do not compromise on sound or video quality.

The HW-C560S home theatre system features 4 HDMI inputs, a slot for Blu-ray Disc player and three other HDMI devices all aiming towards providing the greatest array of hi-def entertainment options.

Samsung joins hand with O2 to release Monte smartphone

samsung-monte-smartphoneOn the eve of release of Marvel's Iron Man 2, the Korean phone maker- Samsung has joined hands with O2 to roll out a unique edition of its Monte smartphone.

The Monte smartphone will feature exclusive content material which will concur with the release of the sequel of Marvel's Iron Man. The content distributed with the smartphone shall feature the original version of the Iron Man movie as well as selected content from the Iron Man 2 version ie, the trailer and footage of crew.

Sinking of South Korean naval vessel discussed by Chinese and S. Korean presidents

Sinking of South Korean naval vessel discussed by Chinese and S. Korean presidentsAccording to official reports, Presidents Lee Myung-bak of South Korea and Hu Jintao of China discussed the sinking of a South Korean naval vessel during a summit meeting Friday.

The Cheonan went down March 26 near the border between North and South Korean waters. Lee Dong-kwan, a spokesman for the South Korean president, described Friday's talks as "serious" but did not give details.

ANZ considers to bid for controlling stake in KEB

ANZ considers to bid for controlling stake in KEBAustralia & New Zealand Banking Group Ltd. is reportedly planning to make a bid for the controlling stake in Korea Exchange Bank. The stake is being sold by Lone Star Funds. Sources close to the matter said that the preparations for the offer are at an early stage.

The source also revealed that ANZ has not appointed an adviser yet for the deal. Earlier on March 10, Korea Exchange Bank announced that Lone Star Funds expressed interest to sell its 51% stake worth $4.2 billion.

LG announces to invest $18 billion in eco business

LG-LogoSouth Korea's leading appliance firm LG Group has decided to invest $18 billion to develop environmentally-friendly businesses. This will also reduce emissions by 40% as compared to the level in the year 2009. LG Corp has announced the fact and soon going to improvise it.

LG Group is operated by LG Electronics, LG Display and LG Chem. in all across the globe. This is the fifth-largest firm of South Korea in terms of assets. It has planned to invest both in green research and development.

It is expected to slash 50 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year by 2020.

Speediest spinning Laptop drive from Samsung

Speediest spinning Laptop drive from SamsungWith a mission to help the gamers and the multi tasking enthusiasts, Samsung has launched its latest Laptop drive that offers a deadly combination of speed with performance.

The all new Spinpoint MP4 hard disk drive from Samsung suffices the need for every laptop. Samsung Spinpoint MP4 is 2.5-inch HDD comes in 250GB, 320GB, 500GB and 640GB capacities. Promising 7200 rotations per minute (RPM), this high-density drives also supports Serial ATA 3.0 interface.

The dead bodies of two crew members of a fishing boat recovered in S. Korea

The dead bodies of two crew members of a fishing boat recovered in S. KoreaSouth Korea's coast guard has said that the bodies of two crew members of a fishing boat that sank in the Yellow Sea with nine sailors aboard were recovered on Saturday.

The South Korean news agency has said that the vessel went down late Friday while searching for clues to last week's explosion that sank the South Korean navy ship Cheonan, the Yonhap News agency reported. The fate of the other seven seamen who had been aboard the Kumyang 98 was unknown.

Korea treating Internet addiction as a major social problem

Korea treating Internet addiction as a major social problemAccording to the official reports, South Korea will offer Web addicts free software to install on their computers to limit their access time to the Internet.

Korea Times reported on Monday that the move comes as the number of Web addicts in South Korea approached 2 million, although computer experts estimate the true figure is even higher.

Samsung a pioneer for - 3.0 Bluetooth

Samsung a pioneer for - 3.0 BluetoothCourtesy to the Korean telecom giant- Samsung Electronics it is with its latest release of Android based phone- SHW-M120S, it has launched the new standard for Bluetooth ability 3.0.

The Samsung SHW-M120S, which is the descendant of the Samsung SHW-M100S features unsurpassing ability of Bluetooth transfer with its new platform. It features a transfer rate of upto 24 Megabits per sec. With this it boasts of a 3.3 inch WVGA enabled AMOLED screen display, a 5 Megapixel camera, Wi-Fi., inbuilt GPS, accelerometer, proximity sensor and HSDPA for faster connectivity.

Samsung launches 3D TVs

Samsung-3D-TVThe World's No. 1 Television brand, Samsung Electronics Co. has launched its 3D TV in South Korea. The sale of the 3D TV has been targeted to something like 2 million.

By the latest initiative, Samsung is looking forward to break the dominance of other TV manufacturers in the flat TV segment. The company is confident to gather an early lead in the emerging market by its aggressive sales targets.

‘Sensitive’ Hyundai recalls new Sonata

‘Sensitive’ Hyundai recalls new SonataHyundai Motors - South Korean automaker today announced a voluntary recall of its 2011 Sonata. The flagship company of the Hyundai group, Hyundai Motor will take back 47,000 of its new Sonata, after earlier saying it would suspend US sales, sedans to fix defected door latches, seeking to avoid any embarrassment that led to severe criticism of the Japanese rival Toyota Motor.

"Recalls have become a highly sensitive issue since Toyota's recall," said Yim Eun-young, an analyst at Dongbu Securities.

LG’s gifts to all mothers

LG has planned a special gift, in its special techie way to say thanks to all the mothers in the world.

LG has crafted a LG KF350 phone which has a modest name as well for the mothers, as the Ice Cream to treat the nurturing ladies and make them feel special on 8th of March this year.

However you may gift the sweet nice looking pink gizmo to your mum or your girlfriend as well.

An eye-catching figure which is available in variants of lovely candy floss colors in either vanilla or pink.

Specially crafted for the ladies of your life, giving it all-girly look. Although it was launched in Korea as well, back in 2008 but now it has made its way here as well.

Betting big on trade with Korea

India, South KoreaIndia and South Korea have decided to double the bilateral trade to
$30 billion (around Rs 138,000 crore) by 2014 and signed four pacts on
Monday to strengthen cooperation between two Asian economies.

AFP reported that South Korea had offered to build nuclear reactors in India.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh set the tone for greater engagement
when he told South Korean President Lee Myung-bak, "We are committed to
developing a robust and comprehensive framework for strategic
engagement with Korea."

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