Palestinians mull war crime charges against Israel

Mahmoud AbbasGaza City: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is seeking written pledges of support from all political factions, including rival Hamas, before making any attempt to press for possible war crimes charges against Israel, senior officials said on Thursday.

Abbas hesitated in the past because such a step would transform his relations with Israel from tense to openly hostile and could put him on a collision course with the United States.

UN chief enquires about Palestinian's peace process with Israel

Ban-Ki-moonRamallah, April 14 : UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has called up Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to enquire about the latest developments in the peace process with Israel.

Abbas Sunday briefed the UN secretary general about the latest developments of the peace process, mainly after Israel's refusal to release the fourth batch of Palestinian prisoners.

The UN chief underlined the need to maintain the peace process and continue negotiations to reach real peace for the sake of regional stability.(IANS)

Palestine will brief John Kerry on peace talks

Riyad-Al-MalikiRamallah, Sep 3 : The Palestinian side will brief US Secretary of State John Kerry about some issues that "disturb" peace talks with Israel, Palestinian Foreign Minister Riad Al-Maliki said Tuesday.

Kerry would be updated on the Palestinian views when the Arab League's diplomats meet him in Rome Sunday, Xinhua quoted Al-Maliki as telling Voice of Palestine Radio.

"This will help put forward the Palestinian views regarding some points that we consider annoying and disturbing in the negotiation process," he said, adding that "these issues require an intervention from the US side".

Rami Hamdallah appointed new Palestinian PM

Rami-HamdallahGaza, June 3 : Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has appointed Rami Hamdallah, a politically independent academic, as his new prime minister.

According to official Palestinian news agency WAFA, Abbas announced his choice of Hamdallah, a British-educated professor of linguistics, shortly before the expiration of a deadline for the appointment.

Hamdallah, who has been president of An Najah National University since 1998, has no prior government experience.

President Abbas has instructed Rami Hamdallah to form a new cabinet.

Palestinian President insists peace for East Jerusalem

Palestinian President insists peace for East JerusalemHe wouldn't deny the "Jewish right" to Israel but insisted peace requires ceding of East Jerusalem, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has said.

Haaretz has reported that Abbas met on Wednesday in Washington with about 30 Jewish leaders from the Anti-Defamation League, America's Pro-Israel Lobby and the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations in a 2-hour roundtable discussion.

Initial Mid-East peace talks completed

George MitchellAfter a huge dilemma, the Mid-East indirect peace talk finally have completed successfully during its first phase. After a month long political discussion, the talk has ended at last on a positive note. This talk was between Israel and Palestine.

Return of the diplomat Mr. George Mitchell to this region was confirmed in the first phase of the peace talk. After Mr. Mitchell met the president of Palestine, the chance of possible talk emerged out.

Middle East peace process revives

Israel-US-PalestineIsraelis and Palestinians are trying their best to recover from the dispute and are going to consult with US authorities for a permanent solution for the issues. The former two US presidents had tried to resolve the Middle East matter but unable to reach to a proper solution.

There have been number of direct or indirect talks between these two nations. But they have hardly produced any result. Now US is trying to revive the issue again.

Palestinian state will be founded by 2011, says Palestinian PM, relying on "international consensus

Israel-PalestinianA Palestinian state will be founded by 2011 with or without Israeli negotiations, relying on "international consensus," says the Palestinian prime minister.

Ynetnews reported on Wednesday that Salam Fayyad rejects the Israeli position that a Palestinian state can be founded only through negotiations.

Fayyad said, "We demand the implication of international law to define ourselves. We hear the Israelis, but they are not the only players in this arena."

Swastikas and images of Palestinian flags spray-painted on walls of a synagogue and a Jewish home

Swastikas and images of Palestinian flags spray-painted on walls of a synagogue and a Jewish homeSwastikas and images of Palestinian flags were spray-painted on the walls of a synagogue and a Jewish home Sunday morning, Police in Tel Aviv has informed.

Ynetnews. com said that the vandalism occurred at the Ajami neighborhood of Jaffa near the Arab-Jewish Center and an elementary school attended by Jews and Arabs.

Abbas discusses peace process with US, Russia

Abbas discusses peace process with US, RussiaRamallah, Jan 3 - Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Saturday separately discussed the fate of the stalled Middle East peace process with US and Russian diplomats.

The Palestinian state-run news agency Wafa reported that Abbas held talks at his office in Ramallah first with US Consul General in Jerusalem Daniel Rubinstein, and then with the Russian diplomatic representative to the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) Sergi Kozlov, Xinhua reported.

Israel trying to sabotage Palestinian achievements: Abbas

Mahmoud-AbbasRamallah, Jan 1 : Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas accused Israel Thursday of trying to sabotage Palestinian achievements - mainly the enforcement of law and order, stability and security in the West Bank - through its military incursions and killing of Palestinians.

In an address in Ramallah to mark the 45th anniversary of the first attack by his Fatah organisation against Israel, on Jan 3, 1965, Abbas said the Palestinian people will not fall into the Israel trap and resort to violence to retaliate against these Israeli actions.

Abbas vows not to run again for Palestinian president

Abbas vows not to run again for Palestinian president Ramallah, Dec 15 : Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas reiterated Tuesday his determination not to seek re-election to the presidency, and said he had other options, which he would announce at a later date.

"I will not run again for the presidency in any upcoming presidential elections," the president told the 129-member Palestine Liberation Organisation Central Council meeting in Ramallah, repeating an announcement originally made Nov 5.

Hamas criticizes PA attempt to seek UN recognition of statehood

Hamas criticizes PA attempt to seek UN recognition of statehoodGaza City - Hamas rejected Monday a Palestinian suggestion to seek UN Security Council support for unilaterally declaring a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Such a declaration would have no meaning and was merely an attempt by the rival Palestinian camp of President Mahmoud Abbas to pretend it had an alternative to faltering peace negotiations, other than armed struggle, said the radical Islamist movement controlling Gaza.

Hamas accuses Israel of fabricating pretext for new war in Gaza

Hamas accuses Israel of fabricating pretext for new war in Gaza Gaza - The Islamist Hamas movement which controls the Gaza Strip on Saturday accused Israel of fabricating pretexts to pave the way for a fresh military attack on the Gaza Strip.

Israel recently accused Hamas of having test-fired a long-range Iranian-made rocket capable of reaching targets in Israel. He said Hamas militants had fired the rocket from northern Gaza into the Mediterranean Sea.

Elections in Palestine postponed indefintely

Elections in Palestine postponed indefintelyJerusalem, Nov. 13 : Presidential and parliamentary polls in the Palestinian territories that were scheduled to be held in January 2010, have been postponed indefintely in view of the objections raised by the Islamist group Hamas, which controls the Gaza.

Electoral officials conceded on Thursday that no elections could take place till the Hamas was brought onboard.

Palestinian Central Election Committee says no election in January

Palestinian Central Election Committee says no election in January Ramallah - The Palestinian Central Elections Committee announced Thursday that it will be unable to hold elections on the scheduled date of January 24 next year.

CEC Chairman Hana Nasser said the main reasons were the impossibility of holding elections when the Islamist Hamas movement would not allow a poll in the Gaza Strip and Israel would not allow voting in occupied East Jerusalem.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas announced last month that the elections would be held on January 24. (dpa)

Hamas to sign reconciliation pact by end November, official says

Hamas to sign reconciliation pact by end November, official saysRamallah - The Hamas movement will sign an Egyptian-mediated Palestinian reconciliation agreement by the end of November, the speaker of the Hamas-dominated Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) said Wednesday.

Aziz Dweik told the London-based al-Quds al-Arabi daily that the movement would sign the deal "after receiving guarantees from Egypt that its observations will be considered."

"By the end of November the Palestinians will hear good news," he said.

Hundreds march in Fatah demonstrations urging Abbas to run again

Mahmoud AbbasRamallah  - Members of Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah party staged demonstrations Friday, urging the Palestinian president to run for a second term, while the rival Hamas movement quickly declared his announcement of the previous night that he would not an admission of "failure."

Fatah organized marches after Friday's prayers in Ramallah and a number of other West Bank towns, in which hundreds of supporters participated, calling on the moderate Palestinian president to reverse his decision to seek re-election.

The movement said it was planning larger rallies later in the weekend or next week.

Abbas will not seek re-election without peace talks, official warns

Abbas will not seek re-election without peace talks, official warnsRamallah  - Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will not seek re-election in January if there is no credible peace process with Israel, a senior Palestinian official said Wednesday.

Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said that if Israel did not stop all construction in West Bank settlements, then there was no chance of resuming peace negotiations. Peace talks were broken off in December as Israel headed into new elections.

Somalis, Palestinians, Afghans rebuild lives in Hungary

Bicske, Hungary  - It may seem an unlikely destination for migrants from war-torn or poverty-stricken countries, but many have chosen to make their new beginnings in Hungary.

Daud, a 22-year-old from Somalia, would love to return home some day. For now, he lives at a refugee reception centre in Bicske, Hungary, a small town about 30 kilometres west of Budapest.

"I would like to go back, if there was a new government, if it was stable and safe. I think everyone wants that," Daud told the German Press Agency dpa.

In December 2008, Daud left Somalia for Turkey with three friends. From there, he travelled by bus and on foot for 15 days before being picked up by guards somewhere along the Hungarian border.

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