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Would Brangelina have not wed if kids didn't insist?

BrangelinaLondon, Oct 21 : Brad Pitt has revealed that the only reason he and wife Angelina Jolie tied the knot was for their 6 kids.

The 50-year-old 'Fury' star said that they felt they were "beyond marriage as they already had a family," the Daily Star reported.

However, Pitt, who married the 'Maleficent' star, 39, earlier in August this year, added that when their children asked them to get married, both of them surprisingly thought "it would be a lovely."

Pitt also revealed that he planned to make the French chateau where they got married their main family home. (ANI)

Angelina Jolie to helm Richard Leakey biopic 'Africa'

Angelina JolieWashington, Sept 20 : Angelina Jolie is set to sit in the director's chair for upcoming biopic on Richard Leakey titled 'Africa.'

The Skydance Productions' project, which would focus on the African-born paleo-archaeologist's battle to save the elephant, would be the second true-life drama that the 39-year-old beauty would helm after ' Unbroken ,' the Hollywood Reporter reported.

Jolie spotted onboard Navy ship during Malta honeymoon

Jolie spotted onboard Navy ship during Malta honeymoon London, Sept 15 : Angelina Jolie was recently spotted on her Malta honeymoon for first time onboard Navy ship.

The 'Maleficent' star visited a Maltese Navy ship without hubby Brad Pitt, the Mirror reported.

The Academy Award winner was seen in a baggy black top and skirt, and the actress seemed comfortable as she walked past a line of salutes.

Jolie and Pitt are also shooting their new film 'By the Sea' in Malta. (ANI)

Angelina Jolie pays 'tribute' to mom at wedding

Angelina-JolieWashington, Sept 3 : Angelina Jolie has revealed how she, husband Brad Pitt, and their family honored her late mother Marcheline Bertrand at their wedding.

The 39-year-old beauty, who finally got married to Pitt, 50, in a close ceremony at their French estate, Chateau Miraval, told People magazine that the 'World War Z' star had a tribute etched on the special stone they stood on in the chapel.

The 'Maleficent' star added that she too wore a little flower ring that belonged to her mother while her brother, James Haven, wore an angel pin from Bertrand's jewelry box to honor her.

Why Brangelina 'finally' tied the knot

Why Brangelina 'finally' tied the knotLondon, Aug 29 - Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who got married in a small "private" ceremony, has revealed that they finally tied the knot after dating for nine years because their kids have been nagging them.

A spokesman asserted that the duo's marriage was very much a family affair and all children were present during the ceremony, the Daily Star reported.

Jolie had also promised her late mum she would one day marry in her native France.

According to a source, the 39-year-old actress was walked down the aisle by her eldest sons, Maddox and Pax. (ANI)

Angelina Jolie's children to appear in Cleopatra?

Angelina Jolie's children to appear in Cleopatra? London - Superstar Angelina Jolie has reportedly landed roles for all of her six children in `Cleopatra`, which will also see her appear opposite fiance Brad Pitt.

The 39-year-old actress and Pitt had previously said that they did not want their brood - Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, and five-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox, to follow them into acting, reportedly.

Angelina Jolie stopped from entering Sudan by visa authorities

Angelina-JolieWashington, June 17 : Angelina Jolie was banned from entering Sudan by visa authorities of the country recently.

According to Radar Online, the 39-year-old actress, who's a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations, had arrived to attend a civil society event in the country's capital of Khartoum.

As per local media, Peter Tibber from the British embassy in Sudan, confirmed that the beauty was absence at the event.

Angelina Jolie made honorary Dame by the Queen

Angelina-JolieWashington, June 14 : Angelina Jolie has been included into an honorary Dame by Queen Elizabeth for her dedication to campaigning against sexual violence and the use of rape as a weapon of war.

The 39-year-old Oscar winning actress said that to receive an honor related to foreign policy meant a great deal to her, as it was what she wished to dedicate her working life to, Contactmusic reported.

Jolie said that working on PVSI (Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative) and with survivors of rape was an honor in itself and she knew that succeeding in their goals will take a lifetime, and she was dedicated to it for all of mine.

Most fans are just wonderful, Angelina Jolie

Angelina-JolieLondon, June 5 : Angelina Jolie has revealed that her security arrangements will not change, as she thinks most fans are just wonderful.

The ' Maleficent' actress said that people like Vitalii Sediuk, who recently attacked Brad Pitt on red carpet, are an exception to the rule, the BBC reported.

Sediuk, who was sentenced to probation and ordered to attend counseling, pleaded no contest to battery and unlawful activity charges after the incident. (ANI)

Children have softened me: Angelina Jolie

Angelina-JolieLos Angeles, May 30 : Actress Angelina Jolie says she's had been a dark person in the past, but her family helped to heal her.

The 38-year-old raises six children - Maddox, 12, Pax, 10, Zahara, 9, Shiloh, 7, and five-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne - with fiance and actor Brad Pitt.

Jolie said that she has gone through very dark times in the past, but credits her family for enabling her to open up again, reports contactmusic. com.

Jolie good friends with first husband

Angelina-JolieLos Angeles, May 28 : Actress Angelina Jolie is still good friends with her first husband, actor Jonny Lee Miller.

Jolie married Miller in 1996, but their companionship lasted only three years. She had met the British actor on the sets of "Hackers" (1995).

The 38-year-old actress says she still has a lot of affection for Miller and the movie "Hackers" is close to her heart as well, reports contactmusic. com.

"So I think of him, when I think of that (movie). Although, I'm sure the movie looks so ancient now, but we had a lot of fun making that," said Jolie.

Post 'Maleficent', Jolie finds her face 'dull'

Angelina JoliLos Angeles, May 27 : Actress Angelina Jolie says that she feels she looks "dull" after removal of "Maleficent" prosthetics.

The 38-year-old donned prosthetics to transform the shape of her face to play the titular wicked fairy in the "Sleeping Beauty" and admits she felt "flat" when she returned to her normal self after the filming, reports contactmusic. com.

Jolie sought Pitt's advice before casting daughter

Brad-Pitt-and-Angelian-JolieLos Angeles, May 23 : Actress Angelina Jolie made a joint decision with fiance and actor Brad Pitt to cast their daughter Vivienne in her forthcoming film "Maleficent".

The 38-year-old directed her five-year-old daughter, who plays young Princess Aurora in the film, reports contactmusic. com.

Having kids on set was stressful: Jolie

Angelina JolieLos Angeles, May 10 - Actress Angelina Jolie says her children's visit to films' shooting location "stressed" her out and that she won't do it again.

The "Maleficent" star and her fiance Brad Pitt let their six children - Maddox, 12, Pax, 10, Zahara, 9, Shiloh, 7, and twins Vivienne and Knox, 5, visit them while making movies, but two days later the couple got stressed, reports femalefirst. co. uk.

"Brad and I made the decision that we wouldn't keep them from sets and the fun of making movies, but we wouldn't (glorify it either).

Angelina Jolie having sleepless nights

angelina-jolieLos Angeles, May 9 : Actress Angelina Jolie says spends the night worrying about the safety of her children because she cannot bear to lose them.

The 38-year-old said that she's constantly worried about her children, Maddox, 12, Pax, 10, Zahara, nine, Shiloh, seven, and five-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox. She raises them with her partner Brad Pitt.

"I think like every mother I'm just afraid of something happening to them (my children). We're in a new hotel room and I couldn't sleep because I was worried that the railing was too short on the stairs," contactmusic. com quoted Jolie as saying.

People think I'd be a great villain: Jolie

Angelina-JolieLos Angeles, March 8 : Actress Angelina Jolie finds it funny how people think she makes a great villain and would be perfect to play the part of a wicked witch in “Maleficent”.

The 38-year-old appears as the titular wicked witch in the film and says she was always drawn to the character when she was younger, reports contactmusic. com.

"It is really funny when people say you'd be obvious for a great villain. She was just my favourite as a little girl. I was terrified of her, but I was really drawn to her. I loved her,” she told Entertainment Weekly magazine.

Happy I made the decision: Jolie on double mastectomy

Angelina-JolieLos Angeles, March 6 : Angelina Jolie, who underwent a preventive double mastectomy in 2013, is happy with her decision and says she is very "fortunate to have a good recovery".

The 38-year-old talked about her life post surgery in an interview with Entertainment Weekly magazine, reports huffingtonpost. com.

Jolie is Hollywood's top-earning actress

Angelina-JolieLos Angeles, Feb 22 : Angelina Jolie is the highest-paid movie actress in Hollywood. She is said to have earned $33 million in 2013.

The Oscar winner was the top-earning female actress, according to figures in a report compiled by the Women's Media Center, reports eonline. com.

Jennifer Lawrence was second with $26 million, followed by Kristen Stewart ($21.5 million), Jennifer Aniston ($20 million) and Emma Stone ($16 million).

Brangelina shop at discount store for X'mas

Sydney, Dec 25 : Famous Hollywood couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie hit a discount store to do some last-minute shopping for Christmas.

They were spotted at Target in Robina over the weekend.

The A-list couple stopped by the budget retailers in Robina, north east Australia, Dec 22 with their six children - Maddox, 12, Pax, 10, Zahara, eight, Shiloh, seven, and five-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne - in tow.

The pair had made a special request to the store to stay open after its official hours so that they could shop without being disturbed by fans.

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