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Surajkund Crafts Mela sees significant participation of foreign nations

Legal News - Fri, 02/10/2017 - 17:13
Surajkund Crafts Mela sees significant participation of foreign nations

Surajkund (Haryana) [India], Feb.10 : This year's annual Surajkund Mela saw the significant presence and participation of a number of foreign countries.

The fair showcase the richness of handicrafts, handlooms and traditions of India as well.

"Because of the Surajkund Mela, we got a platform to showcase our culture through handicrafts, arts and food. All Indian states and several countries participated in the fair. So, it was a great chance for us to showcase our traditional clothes and products and get commercial benefit out of it," said Jiten Bora of the Assam stall.

The fair was upgraded to an international level in 2013. This year more than 20 countries participated in the fair, including various SAARC and European countries.

From Afghanistan, Ishaq Timorzada brought Afghani carpets. He has been a regular at the Surajkund Mela for the past four years and loves doing business in India.

Ishaq said, "We travel all around the world and to different cities of India. We put up different kinds of shops and exhibitions at different places like trade fairs etc. We, as traders, make money and earn good business in all these places, but this Surajkund Mela is very different from others. The Indian government has invited us, we come here as guests, and the kind of respect we are receiving from people over here is tremendous".

With over 1,000 stalls, the popular fair has witnessed over a million footfalls this year, including thousands of foreigners.

Several countries like Egypt, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and South Africa have put up their stalls and earned good revenue and business opportunities.

Sri Lanka has also been an active participant in the fair.

"The Surajkund Mela is the biggest in India and probably the world as well. Sri Lanka comes here often. There are 11 craftsmen from Sri Lanka who are participating this year in the fair. Sri Lanka has over 2,000 kinds of masks, which we put on display to showcase our tradition. These masks are endemic across Sri Lanka. People in Sri Lanka believe these masks bring prosperity," said O.K Jayalath, Assistant Director of the National Crafts Council of Sri Lanka.

Manik Man, a Nepali and Tibetan metal craft artist, said, "I really liked this mela and, because of this fair, people from around the world are able to see the culture and traditions of Nepal. I am an artist from Nepal and I feel very lucky that I have watched and learned so much about art and craft." (ANI)

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Ahead of UP polls, BJP supporters drool over, relish free 'Modi Jalebis'

Legal News - Fri, 02/10/2017 - 17:10
Ahead of UP polls, BJP supporters drool over, relish free 'Modi Jalebis'

Lucknow(Uttar Pradesh) [India], Feb. 10 : While all the political parties are leaving no stone unturned to woo the voters ahead of the Uttar Pradesh assembly election, a supporter of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is hogging the limelight in Lucknow for his unique 'Modi Jalebi'.

With a day left for the first phase of polling in the state, 'Modi Jalebi' has become talk of the town with many people visiting the shop to eat it.

Suresh Sahu, who is the owner of a sweet shop, sells the ' Modi Jalebi' free of cost in a bid to woo customers and there by garner support for Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the upcoming polls.

Jalebi are also being made in the form of BJP party symbol 'Lotus' in the sweet shop.

"We have been a supporter of BJP for a very long time. Since I used to be busy with my work and couldn't take out time for the party, so I decided to extend my support in this way," Sahu said.

The local residents and the BJP leaders have also lauded Suresh for his attempt.

"When I step out of my house and see that the jalebi is being made at the sweet shop in the form of Prime Minister Modi's name, I feel very good," said BJP leader Kaushal Kishor.

The worker who makes jalebi said that it took lot of practice to learn as how to make the jalebi in the form of lotus and Prime Minister Modi's name.

"We support BJP and have practiced a lot to make this. We feel very goor while making these jalebi," said the worker. (ANI)

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CDC updates 2017 advisory for recommended flu shots

US News - Fri, 02/10/2017 - 16:15
CDC updates 2017 advisory for recommended flu shots

An advisory board of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) on Thursday released its 2017 advisory for recommended flu shots affecting adults.

The federal agency revised its guidelines on seasonal flu shots by modifying shot advice for individuals with egg allergy and eliminating nasal flu vaccines. In addition, it tweaked recommendations for vaccines against hepatitis B, meningococcal disease and human papillomavirus (HPV).

Doctors use the FDA’s annually updated vaccine schedule to make sure that patients get the right vaccines according to their age, medical conditions and other risk factors. The updated list includes thirteen vaccinations.

Dr. David Kim, the deputy associate director for adult immunizations in the agency’s Immunization Services Division, said, “All adults need immunizations to help them prevent getting and spreading serious disease that could result in poor health, missed work, medical bills, and not being able to care for family.”

The federal agency also suggested that there are some ways to tell if a patient have a cold or the flu, such as symptoms of a cold often come gradually, whereas symptoms of flu appear suddenly, and symptoms like stuffy nose and sore throat are more common with colds than with the seasonal disease of flu.

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President's estate to generate 670 KW solar energy through rooftop solar panels

Legal News - Fri, 02/10/2017 - 13:54
President's estate to generate 670 KW solar energy through rooftop solar panels

New Delhi [India], Feb. 10 : President Pranab Mukherjee will inaugurate the first phase of a solarization project in the President's Estate on Friday under which 670 KW of solar power will be generated through rooftop solar panels installed on seven buildings in the President's Estate.

The savings in electricity bills resulting from this project is expected to be more than approximately Rs. 80 lakh per year.

The generation of solar power will result in significant reduction in carbon footprint and make the estate more energy efficient.

As part of the inaugural event, a day-long exhibition showcasing various aspects of energy conservation and green energy is also being held with the support of Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited (TPDDL), Rural Electrification Corporation, Green Jobs Sector Skill Council, Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Central Electronics Limited and Energy Efficiency Services Limited.

Painting and science model competitions as well as a Nukkad Natak on the theme of energy efficiency/solar power will be organized on the occasion.

Quizzes and games on green energy will be conducted for students.

A life-skill training course for girls of classes 11 and 12 of Dr. Rajendra Prasad Sarvodaya Vidyalaya by TPDDL will be also launched. (ANI)

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Mallya loan default case: CBI court to announce order today

Legal News - Fri, 02/10/2017 - 13:50
 CBI court to announce order today

New Delhi [India], Feb. 10 : A special CBI court earlier on Wednesday completed hearing on bail applications of all 11 accused in Vijay Mallya loan default case.

The court will announce its order in the case today. All the accused are employees of IDBI and KFA.

This is a case where IDBI bank employees allegedly sanctioned about Rs. 900 crore loan to KFA while it was having a low credit rating.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has alleged in its chargesheet that this loan was sanctioned by IDBI official by doing a criminal conspiracy by them in connivance with the KFA employees.

The basic arguments were put up by defence lawyers who were replying CBI counsel's arguments on Tuesday who opposed bail to all the accused.

Defence Lawyer Advocate Abad Ponda, while replying to CBI counsel's arguments said, "It had been clarified by the Supreme Court time and again that court should not go into the minute merits and demerits of the case in bail pleas. We just recommend the loan...it was passed by someone else. It is a matter of argument during trial that whether we recommended right or not while we examine and cross examine the witnesses."

He said nowhere in the chargesheet they say that even a single penny from Mallya or anyone else come to the accused, adding that there is no possibility of this trial getting over in near future.

'If arrest is really necessary, there should be real reason for keeping them behind bars. But nowhere in his two and half hour argument CBI counsel has pointed out the reason why they should be kept behind bars. This was an unjustified arrest and this can't be allowed to continue in the name of remand when nothing is needed from us as far as investigation is complete. And chargesheet is before this honourable court," he added.

Advocate Rajiv Chavan said the IDBI officers cooperated throughout the investigation, adding that they didn't hinder any part of the investigation. "The loan amount was diverted, word is used siphoned, but it was not used for personal use , it was used for aircraft rental and Salaries etc. The CBI claims that There was a criminal conspiracy on the night of November 23, 2009. This allegation is completely ridiculous,' he added.

He further stated that the CBI has not bothered to investigate this fact that whatever proposal is submitted by the credit officer, the credit committee has rights to do variations to it.

"They can increase, decrease and keep the rating similar.It generally variates. The Credit Committee and rating committee are two different bodies and it is not the case of CBI that credit committee pressurised rating committee to give those ratings to KFA. 38 corporate with BB rating and 24 corporate with B+ rating have got loans so it's not the CBIs case that corporate low credit ratings," he added.

Chavan said all the judgements which they have relied upon about tampering of evidence are of the cases of influential and powerful people.

"Here, there is no possibility of tampering of witnesses because all are already retired," he said.

Bharat Badami, CBI counsel chipped in and argued a point. He said that it is not necessary that prosecution must say that the accused have taken bribe/ money.

Another Lawyer for accused Yogesh Agarwal, ex-chairman IDBI said, "There is not a single inquiry ordered in the whole carrier of my client.He sanctioned umpteen number of loans but not a single case of sanctioned was sent for inquiry. Only on the basis of a meeting he attended , he can't be hold guilty because CBI thinks that after this meeting the loan was sanctioned." (ANI)

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Pannerselvam's suggestion smells of political strategy: BJP

Legal News - Fri, 02/10/2017 - 13:45

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Feb. 10 : Amid the bitter power tussle between the incumbent Chief Minister O. Pannerselvam and All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazagham (AIADMK) general secretary V.K. Sasikala, the former said he wished to convert late J. Jayalalithaa's residence to a 'memorial'.

Reacting to the development, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader said his suggestion smelled of some kind of a political strategy.

"Clearly, Mr. Pannerselvam suggesting that Jayalalithaa's Poes Garden residence should be turned into a memorial smells some kind of a political strategy because Sasikala is using it as her office. But, this is an internal issue of the people, who are following the legacy of late Jayalalithaa," BJP leader Shaina NC said.

"Whether it is Pannerselvam or Sasikala, it is the internal matter of the legislators to decide who the natural leader should be, who the heir to J. Jayalalithaa should be. The Governor has to work within the purview of law and in keeping with all the legal provisions and then take a decision which is in the interest of all and most importantly, in the interest of the people of Tamil Nadu," she added.

Earlier, in a major turn of events, All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) general secretary V.K. Sasikala Natarajan on Thursday staked her claim to form government.

The AIADMK informed the decision on Twitter. "Chinnamma stakes claim to form Government," the tweet read.

Sasikala had visited former Tamil Nadu chief minister J. Jayalalithaa's memorial at Chennai's Marina beach. Prior to this, she had met the Tamil Nadu Governor.

Sasikala also carried along with her letter of support claiming majority. She was accompanied by five senior AIADMK leaders.

The Governor also met Panneerselvam. (ANI)

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Shahi Imam a blackmailer, misusing power of position: Abu Azmi

Legal News - Fri, 02/10/2017 - 13:27
 Abu Azmi

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Feb. 10 : Strongly condemning Jama Masjid Imam Syed Ahmed Bukhari over his 'boycotting the Samajwadi Party' comment, party leader Abu Azmi on Friday dubbed the former as a 'blackmailer', adding that he is taking undue advantage of his position.

'Shahi Imam is misusing the power of his position. He is a blackmailer. He is a sort of a person who negotiates with the ruling party, get a position. He cannot get even one vote," Azmi told ANI.

Highlighting the respect shown towards the Imam by SP supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav, Azmi asserted that their party does not want such Imams.

"Mulayam Singh ji gave him so much respect. He gave ticket to his son-in-law. The Samajwadi Party does not want such Imams. It works on the strength of people and will work so in the future as well," he said.

Bukhari yesterday urged the Muslim community of Uttar Pradesh to boycott the Samajwadi Party in the upcoming state assembly polls.

He said the party has been a constant cause of rue for the Muslims in the state, be it the frequent break-out of riots or discrimination in the employment sector, adding that the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) could prove to be a better contender this time.

Bukhari lashed out at the Samajwadi Party for having gone back on its word and said it must be taught a lesson so that other political parties may desist from doing the same. (ANI)

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PM Modi to address rallies in Bijnor, Haridwar today

Legal News - Fri, 02/10/2017 - 13:24
PM Modi to address rallies in Bijnor, Haridwar today

New Delhi [India], Feb. 10 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address rallies in Uttar Pradesh's Bijnor and Uttarakhand's Haridwar on Friday.

Earlier on Wednesday, Prime Minister Modi addressed a rally in Uttar Pradesh's Ghaziabad ahead of the upcoming assembly elections.

While addressing the rally, the Prime Minister took a dig at the opposition for criticising government's demonetisation move, saying that some people have problem with his fight against black money and corruption.

"Some people are in a problem because of my fight against black money and corruption, even after so many days they still talk about it," said the Prime Minister while addressing a rally in Ghaziabad.

The Prime Minister further said that corruption has eaten the country like termites.

"I can't fight against the corruption in Uttar Pradesh while sitting in Delhi. In order to fight against corruption, Uttar Pradesh must remove the corrupt government," he added.

Uttar Pradesh goes to polls on February 11 and Uttarakhand on February 15. (ANI)

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U'khand: Speeding train kills three in Haridwar

Legal News - Fri, 02/10/2017 - 13:22
 Speeding train kills three in Haridwar

Haridwar (Uttarakhand) [India], Feb. 10 : At least three labourers were killed on Thursday night after being hit by a speeding train near an under construction railway bridge in Haridwar's Jwalapur region.

A railway official and two others have also sustained injuries in the accident.

The injured were rushed to a nearby hospital.

Further details waited. (ANI)

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Coca-Cola Helped by Strong North American Demand but Company Issues Lackluster Future Guidance

US News - Thu, 02/09/2017 - 23:13
Coca-Cola Helped by Strong North American Demand but Company Issues Lackluster Future Guidance

Coca-Cola announced strong quarterly results as the company reported strong demand in North America. Coca-Cola reported strong numbers for quarter ending by December 2016 but the company has reduced its guidance for year 2017. Coca-Cola is offloading most of its bottling operations in North America and this will lead to additional charges in 2017. The company will be refranchising its bottling operations in North America and has announced that there could be 1-4 percent drop in earnings in 2017.

Coca-Cola reported flat sales for soda and carbonated beverages but it reported stronger earnings in other segments. As people are becoming health conscious with rising awareness about obesity, Coca-Cola and other beverage companies face challenge of reducing sugar content in their carbonated beverages. In many overseas markets, Coca-Cola has ventured in other drinks segment to keep its earnings healthy.

With price increase, Coca-Cola reported stronger revenue in North America. During fourth quarter, Coca-Cola registered 1 percent decline in sales. The sale for non-carbonated beverages increased by 2 percent during last quarter while sale of carbonated beverages declined by two percent.

A report published by USA Today informed, “Overall, the company's revenue fell 6% to $9.4 billion for the fourth quarter. The company said that included a 2% decline attributable to foreign exchange rates and a 10% decline attributable to corporate deals and one-time items, which included bottling refranchising efforts.”

“In North America, net revenue rose 8 percent during the quarter, outperforming total retail value growth for both the North America nonalcoholic ready-to-drink beverage industry and U.S. consumer packaged goods companies," CEO Muhtar Kent said.

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Women with dense breasts more likely to develop breast cancer: study

US News - Thu, 02/09/2017 - 19:12

Women with breasts composed mainly of dense glandular tissue rather than fat face a significantly higher risk of developing breast cancer, according to a new study.

Led by Dr. Natalie Engmann of UC San Francisco, a team of researchers examined data on more than 18,000 women suffering breast malignancies and another 184,000 women without the deadly disease of breast cancer.

The researchers were surprised to find that breast density emerged the biggest indicator of the disease, even bigger than other common risk factors, such as family history or waiting until after age of 30 years to have babies.

Dr. Engmann called dense breasts a big problem because dense glandular tissue makes it harder for doctors to detect a potentially cancerous tumor. Nearly 60 per cent of younger women and 40 percent of older women who have attained menopause have been found to have dense breasts.

Sharing the study's findings, Dr. Engmann said, "Women with dense breasts have a roughly 2-fold higher breast cancer risk relative to women with non-dense breasts . reducing the number of women with dense breasts may prevent a substantial proportion of breast cancer cases."

A different study indicated that only a relatively small percentage of women with early-stage of breast cancer get genetic testing prior to surgery.

The findings appeared in the Wednesday, Feb. 7th, edition of the journal JAMA.

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Tesla’s primary focus continue to be on Model 3

TopNews Arab Emirates - Thu, 02/09/2017 - 17:22

Tesla’s primary focus continue to be on Model 3

Billionaire innovator Elon Musk has confirmed that Tesla is still working on an electric semi truck, but stressed that the company's primary focus for this year will continue to be on the Model 3.

With the electric semi truck dubbed "Tesla Semii," Tesla wants to appeal to a larger audience. If the company successfully manages to place an electric semi truck in the cargo industry, then the costs of shipping can be significantly decreased globally.

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Iranian baby with heart defect admitted to Portland hospital

US News - Wed, 02/08/2017 - 17:32
Iranian baby with heart defect admitted to Portland hospital

An Iranian infant in need of life-saving heart surgery, who was temporarily banned by President Donald Trump’s immigration order from entering the United States, has finally made it to Portland.

Four-month-old Fatemeh Reshad’s parents told reporters that Iranian doctors told them that their little daughter needed at least one urgent heart surgery to correct heart defects, or she would die.

But, when Fatemah’s parents were on their way to Dubai to fly to the United States for the surgical procedure to save the life of their daughter, President Trump signed the controversial executive order banning visitors and refugees from seven Muslim-majority countries.

Luckily, Gov. Cuomo secured legal assistance for the infant, and a federal court judge granted a temporary injunction on the executive order. On Tuesday, the Iranian infant was admitted to OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland.

Dr. Laurie Armsby, interim head of the Division of Pediatric Cardiology at the hospital, said, “Fatemeh looks well. Our tests this morning have confirmed her diagnosis and the urgent need for treatment. As we suspected, her heart condition has resulted in injury to her lungs, however the studies today indicate that she has presented to us in time to reverse this process.”

Fatemah is in need of a crucial life-saving heart surgery to fix a number of structural abnormalities and two holes in her heart.

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Elon Musk Offers More Information on Tunnels Project for Solving Traffic Congestion

New Zealand News - Tue, 02/07/2017 - 21:24
Elon Musk Offers More Information on Tunnels Project for Solving Traffic Congestion

Billionaire investor and Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has been talking about solving Los Angeles traffic problems by digging tunnels. Musk has said that by making tunnels, the issues related to traffic congestion in major cities can be solved but tunneling is quite expensive. It is yet to be seen how Musk can use technology and innovation in reducing the cost for tunneling in big cities. Musk’s plan has been questioned by many in terms of feasibility.

Musk clarified last week that he isn’t sure how he and his team can do it. But he complained about traffic issues and said that technology experts should come forward to solve it. As per Wired magazine, Musk has put in some effort to dig 30 feet wide and 50 feet long tunnel at Los Angeles headquarters of SpaceX. Musk said that it is beginning of the experiment.

“You have tall buildings, they’re all 3D, and then everyone wants to go into the building and leave the building at a same time,” Musk said. “On a 2D road network, that obviously doesn’t work, so you have to go 3D either up or down. And I think probably down.”

Musk has been successful in bringing a major change in space travel industry. He has also been able to bring Tesla vehicles for people aiming to reducing their carbon footprint by using electric cars.

“We have no idea what we’re doing — I want to be clear about that,” Musk said.

“Without tunnels, we will all be in traffic hell forever,” he said. “I really do think tunnels are the key to solving urban gridlock. Being stuck in traffic is soul-destroying.”

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A quick look at Lenovo’s ThinkPad P71 laptop

TopNews Arab Emirates - Tue, 02/07/2017 - 18:39

A quick look at Lenovo’s ThinkPad P71 laptop

Multinational technology giant Lenovo's recently unveiled ThinkPad P71 laptop boasts to have some really unique features that allow it to outshine rival machines in the increasingly crowded market.

The 7.5-pound Lenovo ThinkPad P71 laptop is a superfast machine that can flawlessly work with HTC's Vive and the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) headsets.

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