Zardari asks US to provide drones to Pak military

Zardari asks US to provide drones to Pak militaryIslamabad, Mar. 31 : Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari has asked the United States to provide them unmanned aircrafts to carry out more drone attacks in the Swat region.

"We have told the US that unmanned aircraft should be provided to Pakistan to carry on hits," The Nation quoted Zardari, as telling senior journalists at his residence.

Zardari has also expressed satisfaction over the performance of the Pakistan Military in the Swat operation.

He further said that if US did have some clue about terrorists in the bordering area of Pakistan, it must share it with Pakistan. Pakistan's security forces would itself conduct operations against them.

Meanwhile, President Obama also unveiled a development package for Pakistan that has assumed the status of a frontline state in the war against terror.

Zardari said the strategic review by the US has endorsed the need for a regional approach and a comprehensive strategy that also includes development, as a key element. This was a welcome development, he added.

He, however, regretted that due to problems like terrorism the potential in Pakistan remained untapped, and the nation had to go to the world with begging bowl. (ANI)