Youngster Enters Wedlock amid Terminal Illness
Youngster Enters Wedlock amid Terminal Illness

Luke Blanock, an 18-year-old adolescent from Pennsylvania, entered into wedlock with his high schooldays love, 19-year-old Natalie Britvich. Two years ago, Luke was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer, called Ewing's Sarcoma.

Luke has already taken 24 chemotherapy sessions and more than 100 radiation treatments, along with two operations. However, doctors told two years ago that Luke’s cancer has become terminal now.

The two lovers exchanged vows to be together till eternity in front of 200 people at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Cecil town. The wedding was organized by the entire community. “They're young; but their love is mature beyond their years. They've gone through so much that couples twice their age don't have to go through”, said wedding planner Ashley Cyprowski. Luke’s parents Kurt and Jan Blanock said that the illness has not stopped Luke from enjoying his life.

This can be understood from the fact that he arranged for the wedding in just a month. Ashley revealed that decisions were primarily taken by Natalie and Luke was only interested in arranging food and cake.

The entire town and 20 businesses offered their complete support for this wedding and the couple had a wedding ceremony that their amazing gesture was worth of. The best part about the marriage of Luke and Natalie was that no one ever mentioned anything about Luke’s illness.

Guests smiled as Natalie came down the aisle and the lovers were so restless to exchange rings. Tears of happiness rolled down everyone’s eyes when Luke danced with his mother during their reception.

Before the wedding ceremony, Luke assured his family that he is getting married to Natalie to spend a lifetime with her and not to make her widow, Cyprowski said, recalling the words of Luke’s grandmother: “These are the marriages that are meant to last for eternity”.

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