Yogesh Mehta: BUY Reliance and Tata Steel

Yogesh Mehta: BUY Reliance and Tata Steel

Market analyst Yogesh Mehta has suggested two BUY Calls for today’s trading session in futures segment. Indian markets are expected to open lower today and we can see NSE Nifty testing major support levels at 14850. US markets closed negative on Thursday and Asian stocks have been trading lower today. We can expect NSE Nifty to trade below 15,000 for today’s session. Some stocks could offer a buying opportunity but traders should be cautious.

Mehta has suggested BUY Trade for Reliance Futures with a stop loss of Rs 2,095, target at Rs 2,200. This call might take a few days to reach target.

Other stock on Mehta’s buying list for the current Futures session is Tata Steel. Traders can Tata Steel Futures with a stop loss of Rs 715, target at Rs 795. The stock is looking strong on the charts and with today’s decline, traders can have a good opportunity to enter this counter.

All trades should be carried out with strict Stop Loss. In case the trade doesn’t happen as per expectations, it is good to exit the trade if the call is in profit. TopNews will review performance of trading calls by the end of the trading session.

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