World Bank continues support to irrigation project in Punjab

World Bank continues support to irrigation project in PunjabChandigarh, Apr 24 : In one of its recent programme, Pakistan Radio has alleged that the World Bank had shelved support to a multi-million rupees irrigation project in Punjab because of laxity shown by the Indian authorities.

‘Punjabi Durbar’ programme of Pakistan Radio in one of its broadcasts said that the World Bank has decided to cancel allocation to the irrigation project as the Indian authorities were continuing to use asbestos sheets and cement pipes despite a ban on the use of these items.

Commenting over the issue of 10.3 billion rupees project, Advocate General of Punjab H S Mattewal said: “The Punjab Government is fulfilling all the conditions. Chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal is very strict about adherence of law. Statement that the World Bank is withdrawing its support is just a baseless rumor.”

Mattewal said that if any media is in involved in such propagation then it is very sad.

He also said that Pakistan Radio propaganda is not having any impact on India.

“No, there would not be any effect of that propaganda. All the people of India, whether they are Hindu or Muslim or Sikh, will not allow anyone to create a division among them,” he said.

This is not the first time that the Punjabi Durbar propaganda programme has hurt Punjabi people. In the past too, it has tried to infuse separatist ideas, but received hard-hitting responses.

They feel that such radio programmes indicate that Pakistan cannot see a prosperous and developed Punjab. (ANI)