Walmart selling iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S at cheaper rates

Walmart selling iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S at cheaper ratesUS retail giant, Wal-Mart is now selling Apple's iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S at chaper rates ahead of the launch of the new device in the market.

There are indications that the iPhone 5S might be launched this fall and the retailer is already selling the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S for $129 and $39 respectively, in order to clear inventory and also to earn some additional income before Apple discounts the items further.

There are indications that Apple control pricing of its products even by third party retailers, indicating that Wal-Mart has acted in accordance with the company policy. Apple has indicated that the iOS 7 will be launched this fall. Many believe that the iPhone 5S will be launched along with the new version of the smartphone.

Apple will reduce the price of iPhone 5 to $99 and the iPhone 4S will be offered for free to the customers. The move by the retailer to start selling the device at a cheaper rate indicates that it is expecting the fresh stock of the new version soon.