Volkswagen starts series production of ID.7 e-SUV in Germany

Volkswagen starts series production of ID.7 e-SUV in Germany

German automobile manufacturer Volkswagen (VW) has confirmed that it has started producing its all-new, battery-powered ID.7 sedan at its Emden-based manufacturing plant, where it is also producing the ID.4 compact crossover SUV. The series production of the Volkswagen ID.7 electric sedan at the Emden manufacturing plant in Germany has been started following a small production run that was launched in June this year.
With the commencement of the series production of the electric sedan, the automaker has also started accepting orders from local customers. The first batch of ID.7 electric sedans will likely be delivered to customers this fall.

It is worth noting here that the Emden manufacturing plant is the same facility that was recently affected by inadequate demand for the ID.4 electric SUV, which resulted in a two-week-long cancellation of late shifts and extended plant vacations near the end of June. Obviously, everything will rely on the demand of the two EV that are now being produced at the facility (the ID.4 and the new ID.7).

The new Volkswagen ID.7 electric sedan is based on the automaker’s Modular Electric Drive System (MEB) platform, which will initially be equipped with a 77-kWh battery (usable capacity out of 81-kWh total capacity). As per available information, the Volkswagen ID.7 in the Pro trim will deliver a range (WLTP) of up to 382 miles (approx. 615 km) on a single charge.

At a later stage, the manufacturer will introduce an additional and totally new battery option – a 91-kWh battery pack with 86-kWh usable capacity. It should give the ID.7 in the Pro S trim a range of 435 miles (approx. 700 km). While the smaller battery is able to accept up to 170 kilowatts, the new, bigger battery will be able to accept up to 200 kilowatts of DC charging. However, it is still unclear when exactly the EV with new battery will enter the market.

The massive battery pack will supply power to the new APP550 electric motor (e-motor), which will be able to churn out up to 210-kW. For reference, the German automaker was previously using a 150-kW e-motor in the rear of its vehicles and an additional 80 kW e-motor in the front in the all-wheel drive (AWD) versions.

The Volkswagen ID.7 electric sedan is rear-wheel drive (RWD) vehicle, but there is a chance that an AWD version (named GTX in Europe) will also be introduced sooner than later.

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