Vitamin D Reduces Risk of Early Death

Vitamin-D Source
London: A new research has indicated that the regular doses of vitamin D lower down the early death’s risk.
The Earlier studies had found that the deficiency of vitamin D increases the cancer’s risk, heart disease or diabetes, but the new results has shown that vitamin D provides bigger bang.

Philippe Autier from the International Agency for Cancer Research, France and Sara Gandini from the European Institute of Oncology, Milan; said, “Intake of ordinary doses of vitamin D supplements seems to be associated with decreases in total mortality rates.”

Researcher told that the vitamin might block cancer cells from spreading or boost the immune system. A meta-analysis was done by reviewing 18 separate trials involving about 60,000 patients. The doses averaged 528 international units, within the range of most commercially available vitamin D supplements.

The findings of the research show that about 5,000 of the participants in studies died over an average follow-up period of 5.7 years, with the data displaying that people who took vitamin D supplements had a 7 percent lower death’s risk. The researchers didn’t consider the particular causes of death in the studies.

Vitamin D is significant for healthy teeth and bones, nerve cells such as brain and seems to act as an important regulator of the immune system. Some foods are also naturally rich in Vitamin D, and it is also produced in body during its exposure to sunlight.