Vision Neue Klasse X sets stage for BMW’s forthcoming e-SUV lineup

Vision Neue Klasse X sets stage for BMW’s forthcoming e-SUV lineup

The Vision Neue Klasse X, an embodiment of innovation, style & a steadfast commitment to a greener future, sets the stage for BMW’s forthcoming e-SUV lineup promising seamless cruising through urban landscapes or adept handling on challenging terrain. As BMW recently unveiled its latest masterpiece, it's not merely introducing the world to another car; rather, it unveiled a symbol of its unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of electric mobility. With every curve precisely crafted and every detail selflessly designed, the Vision Neue Klasse X stands as a testament to the luxury brand’s relentless pursuit of excellence.

At the core of the Vision Neue Klasse X lies the essence of the brand’s electrification strategy, called the "Neue Klasse,” which promises not only incremental improvements, but also a big leap forward in EV technology. With 30 per cent more driving range, 30 per cent quicker charging, and a 25 per cent enhancement in efficiency, the Vision Neue Klasse X sets a new standard for sustainable performance.

The improved numbers signify redefined driving experience. Inside the Vision Neue Klasse X, one will find the next-generation of BMW iDrive, which seamlessly integrates technology to enhance the driver's digital experience. From personalized drive sounds to high-tech computing power, every aspect contributes to elevate the driver’s time behind the wheel.

Frank Weber, a member of BMW’s Board of Management, explained the advancements in Neue Klasse EVs, stating that it represents the brand’s pursuit of elevated driving standards. According to Weber, the BMW-branded EVs of the future would incorporate four entirely new super-brains.

Speaking on the topic, Weber elaborated, “The BMW of the future will have four totally new super-brains: high-performance computers working smartly together on what, up until now, was processed separately. We developed the first super-brain completely in-house. It integrates the entire powertrain and driving dynamics with up to ten times more computing power.”

According to Weber, the second super-brain will enable the next big leap in bringing automated driving to the masses. Moving forward will combine four key control units in a single high-performance computer, resulting in more dynamic performance, greater precision, higher efficiency, and even more fun to drive.

BMW's dedication to innovation extends beyond the vehicle itself. By incorporating sustainable materials into the vehicle’s cabin and prioritizing circular design principles, the Vision Neue Klasse X reflects a holistic approach to sustainability.

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