US Senator says Pak has neither will nor capability to act against extremist groups

US Senator says Pak has neither will nor capability to act against extremist groupsWashington, Apr. 2: Democrat Senator Carl Levin has questioned Pakistan’s unwillingness to act against extremists based on its soil and secure its border along Afghanistan.

“I remain skeptical that Pakistan has either the will or the capability to secure their border,” The Dawn quoted Levin, as saying.

Addressing a Senate Armed Services Committee meeting on Obama’s revamped policy for Pakistan and Afghanistan, Senator Levin said it was in Pakistan’s own interest to tackle the insurgent threat sincerely.

Levin said he is not against President Obama’s decision to offer Pakistan a hefty package, but would only support the economic and military aid after being convinced that Islamabad is acting against the internal terror network sincerely.

Levin had earlier said that stability in the region was next to impossible unless Pakistan acts sincerely against terror camps based on its soil.

“Pakistan has not displayed the political will to go after extremists, and instead is more inclined to try and buy peace with people I don’t think you can buy peace with,” Levin said.

“I have no reluctance in purchasing stability if it’s effective. But I don’t think it’s effective unless the recipient of the support sees where the threat is to them. I think otherwise it can backfire,” he added.

US CENTOM chief General David Petraeus, who was also present in the meeting, however, differed with Senator Levin’s skepticism about additional US aid to Pakistan.

General Petraeus said US assistance would help Pakistan fight the insurgents.

He said that the rising insurgency in the region not only threatened Afghanistan and Pakistan but it is dangerously threatening for India too.

General Petraeus also expressed fears that extremism in the region has raised the chances of terrorist attacks in the United States too. (ANI)