U.S. Nosing About Laden’s Videotape To Get Clues

Osama Bin LadenWashington: The U.S. security representative has reported that the new tape supposed to be from Osama bin Laden, about 30 minutes long, has no obvious threat against the United States.

According to the security official, intelligence agencies are still looking at the video picture to find out if the speaker is bin Laden.

The security official told that the tape displays –

- The speaker who seems to be Osama makes detailed references to the U.S. participation in the Iraq War that shows the videotape may have been made sometime in 2007.

- The spokesman discusses the political relations of a U.S. withdrawal, a matter that did not exist at the time of bin Laden’s last confirmed tape in 2004.

- The speaker seems to criticize populists and their lack of action in forcing U.S. military personnel out of Iraq. He apparently conjures up Democrats' movement assures to start a withdrawal and notes the failure to implement.

The U.S. functionaries however told that they’ve no idea, when, or if, al Qaeda will release the tape.

Al Qaeda’s media arm had formerly declared a new Laden’s videotape would be released earlier than the 6th year of remembrance of the Sept. 11 blasts. The video, if real, would be the initial tape from the terror chief in about three years.

On Thursday, the White House told that any new videotape from Laden would serve to draw attention to terrors the West confronts.

Analysts mentioned that al Qaeda tends to mark the Sept. 11 anniversary with a slew of messages, and Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff told that there is no believable, imminent danger against the United States.

Intelligence analysts will also be looking for any sign that the message indicates attacks to come.