Two Valentine’s Day worms detected by PandaLabs

Panda Security
Panda Security has announced that their systems have detected two virus programs which are using Valentine’s Day email to propagate. Glendale based Pandalabs offers various programs to detect Malware and Trojans.

First virus Nuwar.OL is downloaded on user PC from a website. The email sent with a headline "I Love You Soo Much" or "Inside My Heart" offers a link to this website. The page will open a Valentine's eCard, but will also install the worm on user PC. The worm will send emails to contacts of the user and causes load on the network.

Second virus, Valentin.E infects the system if the user downloads a file with name friends4u. The common message header used for sending this virus is “Searching for True Love”.

Luis Corrons, Technical Director at PandaLabs Security said, "Year after year, we see the appearance of several malware strains that use Valentine's Day as bait to attract users. This indicates that cyber-crooks are still reaping the benefits of this technique and many people still fall into the trap."

Users are suggested to download attachments after a virus scan only. Another important measure against virus and malware is to download latest updates for the antivirus system you are using. Avira is a free anti-virus which offers daily updates for virus definitions. Free antivirus is also offered by AVG for personal use. Symantec Antivirus is also good for personal use, but the program uses lot of system resources. Also the trial period is limited for Symantec products.

Please check for more details and check your system for any spyware.

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