Two TSA employees fired as they ‘manipulated’ security system at Dallas International Airport

Two Transportation Security Administration screeners were removed from their job because of accusations that they manipulated the security system at Dallas International Airport.

They did this so that one of them, a man, might grope attractive male passengers coming through the checkpoint. On Monday, the story was firstly reported by CBS Denver and he said that TSA employees were fired after about a dozen such instances of unlawful sexual contact.

The police said that the male TSA employee would alert a female colleague when he found an attractive man coming to the checkpoint. In reply, woman would press a button on the scanning machine to indicate an anomaly in the genital area. This allows the male screener an excuse to do a pat-down search of the targeted passengers.

According to a Denver Police report, the claims came firstly from an anonymous TSA employee last November. The anonymous claimed that the male screener told her that he ‘gropes’ male passengers who come through the security checkpoint.

After two months, the agency sent a special agent to look into. On Februarys 9, investigator noticed that the male screener provides a signal at the time when a passenger entered the scanner. Then, the female screener pushed the button and the scanner alerted to an anomaly.

The investigator saw that the male screener “conducts a pat-down search of that passenger’s front groin and buttocks area with the palms of his hands, which is contradictory to TSA searching policy.” TSA’s pat-down policy states that security officers will make use of the back of their hand to pat-down a traveler’s sensitive areas and will make use of the front of their hand for non-sensitive areas.

The female employee was questioned by the investigator and she said that she had tricked the scanner minimum 10 other times for her colleague.