Twitter plans to file lawsuit against Meta for Threads App

Twitter plans to file lawsuit against Meta for Threads App

Meta launched Threads application as a direct competitor to Elon Musk’s social networking platform Twitter. Meta has closely integrated Threads app with its social networking application Instagram. As per reports, already 50 million users from Instagram have opened an account with Threads. Twitter lawyer Alex Spiro has sent a notice to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg regarding stealing trade secrets and abusing on intellectual property. Meta’s Threads is a direct competitor for Twitter and so far, is the biggest challenge the micro-blogging network has faced. Spiro claimed that Meta has systematically and willfully misappropriated Twitter's trade secrets and other intellectual property. He hasn’t specified what Twitter is actually having problem with.

Responding to Twitter’s claims, Andy Stone, Meta’s communications director has termed them as baseless. Stone added that no one on Meta’s Threads engineering team has worked with Twitter in the past.

Elon Musk has not been on good terms with Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Both are planning to have a cage match in near future, to be organized by UFC. UFC president Dana White has spoken to both Musk and Zuckerberg and it seems like both billionaires are serious about fighting in the cage. Musk is also planning to start a legal battle against Zuckerberg as Meta has launched competitor for Twitter. Musk was forced by Twitter management to pay $44 billion to acquire the company. After his initial plan to buy Twitter, Musk was trying to walk out of the deal but with legal help, Twitter management was able to close the deal. Shortly after acquiring Twitter, Musk made a lot of changes at the social network to cut costs and improve efficiency.

Musk also posted a tweet accusing Meta of stealing talent and cheating ideas from Twitter, “Competition is fine, cheating is not.”

Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino also shared her opinion without mentioning Meta or Threads app. Yaccarino claimed that on Twitter, everyone’s voice matter. Twitter has been in the news after Musk acquired the company. Twitter now charges for blue tick, an option that was available for verified and reputable accounts only. Now, anyone can get blue tick by paying monthly subscription fee. Recently, Twitter has also announced putting limit on tweets free users can view on the network.

Twitter is surely facing a major challenge as Threads has a strong user base from Instagram to convert into members. Users on Instagram can login with their current account data and can also import their existing connections on Threads. Meta claims that Threads will be a platform that members can use as a positive and creative venue for their ideas. Another positive for Threads could be the user group that has been searching for an alternative to Twitter. Many times, sharing anything on Twitter can lead to major arguments among users. With 50 million users within few hours of launch, Threads would list as the fastest growing mobile app.

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