Toyota launches its second generation Prius PHV named Prius Prime

The Prius Plug-In by Toyota, the Japanese automaker is already commercially available. The company launched another model in the series named as the Prius Prime. The new model is quite much different from the previous one.

The new car receives many noticeable changes on exterior. For instance, changes in anterior and the grille of the vehicle. The front end of the Prius Plug-In looks outdated and plain, while the new model is more defined grille design that's connected to the slim headlights. There is a major facelift on its overall shape.

The new design has a lower arching back making the side windows appear longer. On the other hand, Plug-In has traditional aerodynamic styling of the original Prius cars. The Prius Prime has sporty design and its back is almost unique.

The new model also comes with an 8.8 KWh battery, while the earlier model has half of it, 4.4 KWh power capacities in lithium-ion battery. For the former, it takes five-and-a-half hours to recharge the battery completely with a 120-volt source and less than three hours with a 240-volt source. On contrary, latter takes three hours with a 120-volt source and an hour and a half with a 240-volt source.

Moreover, electric motor in the Prius Prime has approximately 120+ MPGe mileage, which is more than 95 MPGe found in Plug-In. Other changes to look for are bigger 11.6-inch touchscreen infotainment system (from the 6.1-inch of the Plug-In), seat configuration (Prime seats four; Plug-In seats five) and a larger 3.3 kW onboard charger (as opposed to Plug-In's 2.2 kW charger).

Price is not yet disclosed by the company. Toyota reportedly plans to sell 20,000 units of its new plug-in hybrid in the United States yearly.