T-Mobile offers BlackBerry subscribers $100 credit towards new devices

T-MobileT-Mobile CEO John Legere has announced a $100 credit for BlackBerry subscribers if they switch to any other device available on the airwaves of the network provider.

The $100 credit provides BlackBerry subscribers with a rare chance to give a try to other smartphones or platforms. The can also utilize the money to obtain a Q10 or a Z10 handset. But, those who want to upgrade to a new BlackBerry handset will have to decide soon as BlackBerry is going to end its business ties with T-Mobile.

The business relation between BlackBerry and T-Mobile got stressed after the mobile phone carrier sent a promotional message to its BlackBerry subscribers encouraging them to switch from BlackBerry phones to the iPhone 5S.

BlackBerry CEO John Chen expressed disappointment over T-Mobile's controversial promotion, and said that the two companies' strategies were no longer complementary. He declared that BlackBerry would end its ties with the mobile phone carrier after the ongoing contract expires on April 25.

Uninterrupted by the two companies' falling out, Legere announced the $100 credit and said the company had more in store for BlackBerry subscribers.

Making the announcement, Legere said in a statement, "Stay tuned for another Un-carrier offer that gives you more value and even more reasons to stay with America's fastest growing wireless company."

T-Mobile's $100 credit for BlackBerry subscribers is valid until the end of this year.