Tibetan exiles face brunt in Haryana as their woolen markets get closed

Rohtak (Haryana), Nov 11: Tibetan exiles in Haryana’s Rohtak district were recently barred from running their market of woolen clothes as district administration canceled their permission, allegedly under pressure from local traders.

They had bought land and got permission from the district administration to start their traditional business of selling woolens during winters. But at last moment the administration cancelled the order, which according to exiles has been done under pressure from local traders whose business gets affected.

"Our officials took permission from the administration, all the documents were ready and entire money required for the land was also paid. We got the permission to open our shops. But suddenly district administration informed us that we couldn’t open our shops," said Sonal, a Tibetan shopkeeper.

They have been sitting outside their closed shops for a month now and no further decision has been taken by the administration.

"We don''t know anything, everything happened suddenly. We are facing difficulties in getting our regular meals as well," said Tasi, a Tibetan shopkeeper.

They further said that they cannot leave the place as they took loans and have already spent lot of money on their living.

Tibetan exiles set up makeshift shops every year for two months as winter approaches and make brisk sales at reasonable prices. (ANI)