Tesla's cutting-edge $25K car & futuristic robotaxi to come with 'cybertruck' twist

Tesla's cutting-edge $25K car & futuristic robotaxi to come with 'cybertruck' twist

American EV giant Tesla Motors’ eagerly anticipated $25,000 battery-powered car and its purpose-built robotaxi will reportedly come with a strikingly futuristic appearance akin to the iconic 'Cybertruck,' emphasizing the company’s unwavering commitment to pioneering innovation as well as cutting-edge design. According to emerging details from Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s authorized biography, the forthcoming pocket-friendly electric car as well as the dedicated robotaxi will usher in an era of revolutionary automotive design and technology.

In the ever-evolving landscape of EVs, the American tech giant continues to set the pace with its pioneering lineup. The release of the much talked-about Cybertruck is just around the corner, Tesla fans have already started talking about what's next in the pipeline.

CEO Musk had earlier revealed that the intriguing $25,000 electric car is at the forefront of the company’s upcoming offerings. First unveiled at the company’s Battery Day event in 2020, the forthcoming compact, pocket-friendly electric car has already started generating significant buzz.

One of the reasons behind the excitement is the promise of the use of the new 4680 battery technology, which is expected to be a game-changer for affordability in the EV market. As per Musk’s claims, the new battery technology breakthrough will not only enable the company to produce an affordable but also technologically advanced electric car, carrying forward the brand’s reputation for leading-edge innovation.

Set to be produced at Tesla's Shanghai-based Gigafactory in China with 'cybertruck' twist, the pocket-friendly electric car will be a hatchback, pretty and attractive enough to hold global appeal. However, the release timeline of the EV has thus far faced adjustments because of the company’s strategic focus on increasing the production of the Model Y and advancing autonomous (self-driving) technology. There is a great possibility that Tesla might be delaying the hatchback project to ensure its possibility and success when it hits the market. Of course, the company won’t like to compromise on the quality and innovation which it is known for worldwide.

Tesla is also working on a project to turn its consumer vehicles, built since the year of 2016, into self-driving robotaxis through software updates. Doing so will allow Tesla car owners to generate income when their vehicles are idle. However, the game-changing moment came just last year, when the company organized its Cyber Rodeo Event. CEO Musk used that event to unveil plans for a purpose-built, self-driving robotaxi that been designed from scratch, eliminating the need for conventional pedals or a steering wheel.

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