Tesla’s V4 Supercharger adds 40% battery range in just 10 minutes

Tesla’s V4 Supercharger adds 40% battery range in just 10 minutes

In the realm of electric mobility innovations, American EV giant Tesla Motors has long been maintaining its dominance, thanks partly to superfast charging solutions. The brand’s swift deployment of the V4 Supercharger technology throughout the US is heralding a new era for EVs. After making their first mark in Europe earlier this year, the V4 Superchargers have now commenced their ascent across the American landscape, with sightings in a number of states, including Alabama, Oregon, Nevada, most recently in Atlanta area of Georgia.

The Tesla V4 Superchargers have been making waves, mainly due to an array of enhancements over their predecessors. The new V4 chargers feature an integrated Magic Dock or CCS-1 adapter, a sleek & stylish digital credit card reader, and a streamlined design, an extended cable that measures an impressive 10 feet (nearly 3.5 feet longer than those found in the preceding V3 Superchargers).

Boasting a rating of 1,000 volts and 615 amps, it hints at a theoretical capability of 615 kW in the future (on par with European standards).

Uplifting the game in the field of EV charging, the prospect of reaching these higher speeds and voltages to accommodate leading-edge high-voltage battery systems, such as those in the Audi E-Tron GT and Hyundai Ioniq 5, signifies a pivotal leap towards widespread electrification. Tackling the rampant issues of sluggish charging speeds and lengthy waits for EV owners stands as a major barrier in the way toward broader EV adoption.

A test run with a Model 3 electric sedan the newly installed V4 Supercharger in Atlanta showcased impressive performance akin to the V3's capabilities, clocking in at an impressive 255 kW, juicing up the EV’s battery charge from 20 to 60 per cent within just 10 minutes. It other words, the dispenser added 40 per cent of range to the EV within 10 minutes. This achievement, of course, prompts curiosity about the great potential decline in wait times for EV owners once Tesla fully unleash higher power output.

Furthermore, the Tesla V4 Supercharger in Atlanta not only exhibited leading-edge technology but also features a dedicated charging space for trailers. The immersion cooling capability of V4 cables, employing a method that submerges hardware components into thermally conductive liquid to enhance heat dissipation, indicates readiness to charge the Tesla Semi, which is capable of ingesting 1,000 kilowatts of electrical input. It showcases the American EV giant’s forward-looking approach toward accommodating diverse EV charging needs.

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