Tesla Motors builds massive new delivery center in Beijing to handle higher volume

Tesla Motors builds massive new delivery center in Beijing to handle higher volume

Tesla Motors, EV industry leader and innovative manufacturer of electric cars, has built a massive all-new delivery center in Beijing, China. The Palo Alto, California headquartered automobile giant announced that it has been increasing its capacity to meet the higher demand for Tesla vehicles.

Unveiling the new massive delivery center in Beijing, the American automaker claimed that it is the largest in China and possibly the largest in the entire world as well. China is the world’s largest car maker, and the opening of Tesla’s new delivery center here indicates that the Tesla Motors must be expecting big things to come in this important market.

Over the years, the EV giant has repeatedly changed its retail strategy. Earlier this summer, it started implementing a brand-new retail strategy in which it closed down stores in high-rent areas and focused on larger delivery centers.

The renowned electric vehicles maker has plans to start employing more remote employees to manage the sales as well as delivery experience from a “virtual central store.” In addition, they will direct customers to test drives at less expensive, bigger locations. Some of those bigger locations will focus only on delivering EVs that customers purchased online through the aforementioned process.

The newly launched massive delivery center in Beijing also seems to be part of the company’s new strategy. The new facility is an 11,800-square-meter (roughly 120,000 square feet) structure with more than 100 spaces for deliveries in the capital of the People's Republic of China.

Jay in Shanghai, a reliable source for breaking Tesla-related news out of China, shared some images of the new delivery center in Beijing. Breaking news about the delivery center on social media, Jay in Shanghai stated, “Tesla China officially opens Asia’s largest single Tesla delivery center today. 11,800 sqm with 101 parking spaces designated for delivery. It’s the first Tesla Center in Beijing with integrating test drive experience, sales and delivery.”

The new delivery center has been opened as Tesla is starting deliveries of a new, cheaper version of the all-electric Model Y crossover SUV. The Model Y Standard Range has been launched with a price tag of ¥276,000 ($42,500). The new price is achievable due to the government’s ¥15,840 EV incentive, which is being offered on EV starting under ¥300,000. The cheaper price is expected to make this already popular electric SUV even more popular in the Chinese market. The new delivery center is obviously part of the new infrastructure the automaker needs to handle the higher volume.

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