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Mower-sized robots may help prepare NASA's Moon landing pad

Alternate source of cosmic energy discovered by NASA Washington, Feb 26 : A new study has indicated that small robots the size of riding mowers could prepare a safe landing site for NASA's Moon outpost in the future.

The study, by Astrobotic Technology and Carnegie Mellon researchers, analyzed mission requirements and developed the design for an innovative new type of small lunar robot under contract from NASA's Lunar Surface Systems group.

Sobering tech drive slows SME open source adoption

The pace of adoption of open source software (OSS) among micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) has not gained traction, despite the slowdown and IT costs hitting a downside. “We have about 8,000 MSME members in the Confederation of Indian Industry’s (CII) MSME division and hardly, any of them use the OSS. CII has planned a host of initiatives to promote OSS considering that it can improve productivity considerably,” said a CII official at a seminar on open source software and MSMEs organised by CII on Wednesday.

New owner for Satyam in 6-8 weeks

New owner for Satyam in 6-8 weeksIf all goes well, a new management will take control of fraud-hit Satyam Computer Services in the next six to eight weeks. This is what the top management of the company told staffers in a communication on Wednesday.

The company's board is meeting here today to finalise the terms for bidding.

"The company has made firm and steady progress by securing the Company Law Board's order, which exempts the company from obtaining approval of shareholders to increase the authorised share capital," the communication said.

Google admits Gmail snag, says sorry

Google admitted on Tuesday a technical snag paralysed its email service for the last few days. The problem aggravated on Tuesday as thousands of users, unable to log in, flooded the internet with panic messages. "We're aware of a problem with Gmail affecting several users," Google said on its support site which is accessed by clicking on the 'help' icon at the top of a Gmail page. 

Over 100 million people use Gmail worldwide. "For the last two days, I am having trouble logging in," Anubhuti Garg, a graphic designer, said. 

A number of users DNA spoke to said they could not log in for most of Tuesday. "I was able to connect only at 6 pm," marketing consultant Sharad Shelar said. 

New Zealand negotiating compromise copyright agreement

New Zealand negotiating compromise copyright agreement Wellington  - Representatives of New Zealand's recording industry and internet service providers are negotiating a compromise copyright agreement after the government postponed a controversial new law, according to news reports on Tuesday.

The law, which instructs internet service providers to block online access to anyone accused of repeatedly flouting copyright by illegally downloading films and music, whether they have been convicted or not, was to have taken effect on Saturday.

Iran to test its first nuclear power plant on Wednesday

IranTehran - Feb. 23 : Iran''s first nuclear power plant is all set to undergo a critical series of tests beginning Wednesday before it starts its full-scale operation later this year, Iranian state radio has aired.

Bushehr plant is a symbolic facet of Iran''s controversial nuclear program. The United States, Israel and some European nations had charged Iran for trying to produce nuclear weapons. However, Iranian leaders have maintained that the country''s nuclear ambitions are peaceful, the Washington Post reports.