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WebCalendar Appliance for VMWare First Release

Developers are launching many new and exciting things everyday. Some applications are for Social Networking and some are for organising things better in live. Web Calendar is one such open source application which helps you to keep things in control and to remember important events easily.

ISRO To Construct Nano-Satellite Platform

G Madhavan NairBangalore: ISRO chief said that next year India’s space group will instigate a special platform to put into space small satellites fulfilling the requirements of rising countries and the domestic technical community.

ISRO chairman, G Madhavan Nair said that the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is building up a 100-kg “satellite bus” as demand has picked up for establishing nano-satellites.

Google To Bring Out Phone Of Its Own Phone By 2008

Google PhonesLondon: Google is hopeful to instigate a mobile phone by early next year that will let users to browse the internet on the move.

The company anticipates that its ‘GPhone’ will be as popular as the Apple iPhone that was initiated in the United States in June.

Google services including its search engine, e-mail and interactive maps will be loaded on to the phone. It is believed Google will originate its proceeds from the profitable mobile advertising market.

Plan to send Indian Astronaut on Moon By 2015 - ISRO Chairman

Madhavan NairNagpur: Noted space scientist and Chairman of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Madhavan Nair stated that India will be capable of sending its astronaut into space by 2015 and begin a lunar operation after 2020.

Oracle To Build R&D System For Innovation

OracleNew Delhi: Enterprise software company Oracle said it will make a research and development (R&D) system for its 19 centers across Asia Pacific and Japan to manufacture, check and showcase technological innovations.

The novel single system will connect 19 development and solution centres that include six Oracle Asia R&D Centres (OARDC) in India, Japan, Korea, Singapore and two in China in addition to 13 solution centres in the Asia-Pacific region.

Martin Gives Away India Innovation Award

New Delhi: Lockheed Martin CorporationUS defense major Lockheed Martin on Wednesday officially honored the victors of India innovation growth programme, established by the company in February together with IC2, a University of Texas institute for technology commercialization and industry body FICCI.

Out of 14 companies that were chosen for the honor, seven were presented gold medals whereas the rest were honored with silver medals.

Cisco To Double Up Indian Headcount By 2010

Mumbai: Worldwide head in Internet networking, Cisco Systems IncCisco Systems Inc. plans to double up its Indian headcount by 2010.

As at the end of Q2 FY 07, Cisco India had around 2,800 workers including R&D sales and business support staff.

Ranajoy Punja Cisco India and SAARC Vice President (Business Development) stated, “We are a global company and Cisco is serious about India. The company has set up the Cisco Global Development Center in Bangalore, a software development center, which is the largest out of the US.”

Atlantis Return Delayed Due To Bad Weather

The homecoming of the space shuttle was put off by a day due to bad weather on Thursday. Atlantis, carrying Indian-American astronaut Sunita Williams and six others, was was to return to earth after a 13-day mission, evaded two landing attempts because of thick clouds and thunderstorms at and around the Kennedy Space Centre.

Google To Bring Out PowerPoint Killer

Google IncThe Mountain View, California based Google Inc is planning to bring out PowerPoint killer, the presentation software similar to Microsoft’s popular PowerPoint. Google's new presentation software is aimed to compete against Microsoft's ubiquitous PowerPoint software that's part of its popular Office suite.

The PowerPoint killer software was described by the Google Chairman and Chief Executive Eric Schmidt at a conference for Internet entrepreneurs. He also shelled at Microsoft and AT&T Inc, whose executives recently quetched that Google may soon have an illegal monopoly in online advertising.

Microsoft Bandages Ani Vulnerability

The Tuesdays’ Microsoft Corp.Microsoft "critical" out-of cycle security update release has fixed the animated cursor vulnerability that potentially let attackers to take control of a system. Often termed as the ANI vulnerability, the flaw is linked to animated cursor files that normally have the .ani suffix. The Flaw that was

Fujitsu Launches Solid State Drives

After the recent Fujitsurelease announcement of cheap SSDs made by Intel, Fujitsu also announced its entry in the field of solid state drives. At present, there are two major established companies in the SSD market i.e. SanDisk and Samsung. Fujitsu Computer Systems introduced this offer for the first time as an option in its ultra-portable computers. With this offer, the machines are expected to become more durable for work in the field.

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