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Warming autumn enhancing carbon loss from terrestrial ecosystems

Global WarmingWashington, Jan 3: A new study has discovered that autumns getting warmer because of global warming might make plants less efficient at keeping the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.

According to a report in the National Geographic News, Earth's so-called carbon sinks—soil, vegetation, and oceans—currently absorb about half of the carbon dioxide that humans produce by burning fossil fuels.

While some data suggest that warmer springs in the Northern Hemisphere would allow plants to absorb more carbon, new research suggests that warmer autumns would offset or even trump any such gains.

Free Music Downloads From EMI, Apple

MusicEMI Group and Apple Inc. takes a significant step by releasing higher-fidelity tunes specifically designed to play on any music player or computer. EMI Group & Apple is making its entire digital collection available without the anti-privacy software. Steve Jobs, CEO Apple Inc, and EMI Group Executives, on Monday, announced that EMI music will become available on Apple’s iTunes store without digital rights management (DRM) from May, 2007. This deal will also pressurize the other record labels to open up and offer DRM-free music.

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