Polished Apple: Buying used Macs

Polished Apple: Buying used MacsMunich  - In tough economic times, restraint is in, even when buying computers. Yet there are also times when a change is needed. Those looking to buy a computer from Apple, but unable to spare the extra couple of hundred dollars should consider a used model.

Harassment in the online community: Report it to the site operator

Harassment in the online community: Report it to the site operatorBerlin  - Anyone observing a user being harassed in an online community should report the behaviour immediately to the network operator, say experts.

"The users are the ones that establish the atmosphere in a community," says Sabine Frank from the Voluntary Self-Monitoring of Multimedia Providers (FSM). If that atmosphere is poisoned by harassment, the best thing to do is to inform the operator so that they can get involved.

Netbooks with integrated UMTS catch signals well

Netbooks with integrated UMTS catch signals wellStuttgart, Germany  - Netbooks with integrated UMTS modules generally offer good reception strength and are downright quick when it comes to broadcasting their own signals, according to a recent study by the Stuttgart-based connect magazine.

The magazine tested three current netbooks with integrated UMTS units for wireless data transfer. The fastest in the pack was the Acer Aspire One A150x 3G, with a built-in UMTS module from Qualcomm. It far outstripped the performance of the UMTS cell phones available in the past two years.

Staying green: Disposing of old computers

Staying green: Disposing of old computersWashington  - It's easy to buy computers. It's not so easy to dispose of them responsibly - at least not until you know how.

Computers and computer components contain plenty of substances that are harmful to the environment, including lead, mercury, and cadmium. That's why in many parts of the world, it's illegal simply to throw computers, monitors, printers, and other electronic components in the normal trash bin. Even if you're not ready to part with your current computer, it pays to know well in advance which options you have to get rid of it safely. Here are some tips.

Google Docs now allows offline work

Google Docs now allows offline workHamburg  - Google Docs, which has so far been an online-only service for creating documents and preparing presentations, can now be used offline, company officials reported.

The offline mode can be accessed at docs. google. com. When first activating the service, users are directed to download Google Gears, a free browser plug-in. Once the download has been completed, offline access is available around the clock.

Apple's Safari 4 promises faster surfing

Apple's Safari 4 promises faster surfingMunich  - Apple's new browser promises to be significantly faster than its predecessors.

According to Apple, Safari 4 will be able to run JavaScript, a feature of many websites, faster than n Safari 3. Indeed, the company says the speed will increase by 4.2 times.

Apple also boasts that its new browser, now available in a beta version, will make the competition look positively slow. HTML websites will load seven times faster on the new Safari than on Internet Explorer 7 and up to three times faster than on Firefox 3, it added.