Godfathers and pirates: New PC games for April

Godfathers and pirates: New PC games for AprilHamburg  - High expectations can lead to serious disappointment and PC gamers are all too acquainted with that feeling. Many games that are heavily hyped before hitting stores often turn out to be nothing special at all. That's why flying under the radar can be advantageous sometimes.

Free burning programs usually do the trick

Free burning programs usually do the trickMunich  - Experts say there's no need to spend a lot of money on expensive programmes for burning CDs and DVDs given the wide range of free disc-burning software available on the market.

According to PC Professionell, a Munich-based magazine, there are plenty of free programmes available such as BurnAware, which is compatible with Microsoft's Windows 7 system and can also burn Blu-Ray discs.

It can also create ready-to-boot software and allows you to add data to already copied media. Another free programme with similar features is CDBurner XP.

More than 100 countries infiltrated by electronic spying operation

Electronic spying operation New York/Toronto  - A spying operation that infiltrated computers - many of them belonging to governments - in 103 countries has been uncovered by a group of Canadian researchers, the New York Times reported Sunday.

Victims of the malicious software, or malware, include computers in: the offices of the Dalai Lama; Tibetan exile centres around the world; NATO headquarters in Brussels; and the Indian embassy to the United States.

In all, 1,295 computers might have been accessed and had documents copied by the system, which the researchers dubbed GhostNet.

Computer and internet briefs

Computer and internet briefsWashington  - Need a copy of the receipt for an order you placed online? Usually, you get a printable copy from the vendor, but if not, you can save a record for yourself. Just open the File menu of your web browser, click Save As, and put a copy of the file into a folder on your hard drive. Save it as HTML so that when you open it up again, it will look largely the same as it did when you were online.

Beware of spam touting Windows updates

Beware of spam touting Windows updatesUnterschleissheim, Germany  - Windows PC owners are advised to trash any e-mail messages claiming to provide a fix for flaws in Service Packs 1 and 2.

The messages are actually from hackers trying to lure unsuspecting users into following the download link. Instead of fixing the ostensible flaw, the program on the other side installs malware onto the user's computer. Trend Micro, a security solutions provider, is sounding the alarm on this practice

A question of power supply: External burners tested

A question of power supply: External burners testedHanover  - External burners in the slim line format are well suited for any laptop's travel bag. Yet it's important to give some consideration to how the external drives will draw their power, says the Hanover-based computer magazine c't.

The magazine recently tested six slim line models priced between 60 and 110 dollars. Five of them required no separate power supply and were able to run using the computer's U. S. B port.