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Speech recognition software: Good supplement to keyboard

Munich - Speech recognition software: Good supplement to keyboardIt may have sounded like science fiction 20 years ago, but it's now reality: computers listen to what you say.

Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 is the latest incarnation of Nuance's speech recognition software for PCs. And rival company Linguatec has announced the release date of the successor to Voice Pro 11 this autumn. That means that updated versions of the two key programs in voice recognition industry will be available in stores at the same time. But what are these programs really capable of, and who can benefit the most from them?

Striped hard drives and quiet laptops: New technology products

New Technology ProductsStriped designs: External hard drives from Toshiba

Toshiba has announced plans to introduce three new external hard drives in late August. The 2.5 inch devices offer up to 160, 250, and 320 gigabytes of storage space respectively, connected via U. S. B 2.0. The hard drives stand out for their unusual design: each casing is black with either green, red or grey stripes. The manufacturer has yet to name a price.

Quiet runner from Leipzig: Business laptop from Schenker

Attack of the Network Minnows: Netbooks conquer the market

Asus Eee pcHanover, Germany - When the CeBIT rolled out in March 2008, nobody had an answer to the small yet affordable Asus EeePC.

The market has rushed to fill the gap in the interim, however, with several new devices seeking to make headway in the netbook market. Devices in this class are designed to have dimensions comparable to a sheet of paper and weigh just one kilogramme, yet cost a fraction of their similarly dimensioned cousins, the subnotebook.

Even so, buyers must make clear sacrifices in terms of options and performance.

Pick the computer monitor that's right for you

LCD MonitorMunich - Monitors frame our relationship with our computers and a great computer is only as good as its monitor.

That's why it's important to ask yourself: "What do I want to do with this computer" before purchasing, says Jaroslav Smycek of the Hannover Consumer's Center.

Although nearly all flat screen monitors are based on LCD technology, there are differences between the models. "TN Film models are popular. These screens are in the lower end of the price range," says Josef Reitberger of "CHIP," a Munich-based computer magazine.

Analysts Feel Computer Mouse Will Be Passé By 2013

Analysts have predicted that the computer mouse will be passé by 2013 and will be replaced by touch screens and facial recognition systems. A Gartner analyst, Steve Prentice feels that the 36 year old device originally invented by Douglas Engelbart as a block of wood has had its day of glory. Steve Prentice feels that the mouse is alright for the desktop but useless when using a notebook or home entertainment purposes.

Expensive printer food: When to reach for a refill

Expensive printer food: When to reach for a refillStuttgart  - It's easy to feel like you saved money when you bring home an inkjet printer. The devices themselves are often inexpensive. Yet reality usually sets in when it comes to refilling the printer cartridges. A set of black and coloured inks often costs at least 50 dollars or more, sometimes putting the expenditure on a par with the printer itself.