Taliban ‘reject’ Karzai''s offer to protect Mullah Omar for peace talks

Mullah Mohammad OmarKabul, Nov 18: The Taliban has reportedly rejected Afghan President Hamid Karzai's offer of protection of the group’s leader Mullah Mohammad Omar, if he joins peace talks with the government.

Only a day ago, Karzai had said that he would go “to any length” to protect Mullah Omar, the former leader of the country''s Taliban regime, who carries a 10 million dollar bounty on his head.

But, the group said it has no need for the offer and would continue its bloody insurgency against Karzai''s regime. “We are safe in Afghanistan and we have no need for Hamid Karzai''s offer of safety,” The Telegraph quoted Mullah Brother, deputy leader of the Taliban, as saying.

He added: “We will continue jihad against foreign troops and their Afghan slaves.”

The Taliban Insurgents have repeatedly spurned Karzai''s offers to talk with groups, which recognise the country''s constitution, saying negotiations are impossible while foreign troops remain on Afghan soil.

“As long as foreign occupiers remain in Afghanistan, we aren''t ready for talks because they hold the power and talks won''t bear fruit ... The problems in Afghanistan are because of them,” added the Taliban spokesman. (ANI)