Taliban militants kill five police forces in western Afghanistan

AfghanistanKabul  - Taliban militants stormed a police post in western Afghanistan overnight and killed five police forces, officials said Sunday.

Dozens of militants driving several vehicles overpowered the policemen, who were manning a checkpoint in Karez Shaikha area of western Farah province, said deputy provincial governor Mohammad Younus Rasouli.

"Tens of enemy forces attacked one of our police posts in an area some 20 kilometres from center of Farah city last night and killed five policemen," Rasouli said.

The police forces fought back and inflicted casualties on Taliban side, he said, but could not give any figures

"There were Pakistanis, Arabs and Chechens among the attackers," said Abdul Raouf Ahmadi, spokesman for police forces in western region.

Taliban spokesman Qari Mohammad Yousif Ahamdi said by phone from an undisclosed location that their forces seized weapons and ammunition from the police post before withdrawing to their bases in the province.

The poorly trained and equipped Afghan police forces have borne the brunt of Taliban-led attacks since the ouster of Taliban regime in late 2001. More than 2,300 police were killed in rebel attacks in 2007 and 2008. (dpa)