Suprajit Engineering Intraday Call

Suprajit Engg.Stock analyst Rajat K Bose has suggested investors to buy Suprajit Engineering for intraday trading to make good returns.

The stock has performed brilliantly in previous trading sessions, and it will definitely left capitalists with great earnings in today’s session.

Don’t miss the opportunity. Today, the stock opened at Rs 130.90 after closing at Rs 119.05 on BSE. At present, the stock is trading at Rs 142 on BSE.

The investors can purchase the stock at lower level to achieve an intraday target of Rs 145 with a strict stop loss at Rs 130. The stock has seen a 52-week high of Rs 199 and low of Rs 82 on BSE.

The stock is expected to move up today on back on huge volumes. So don’t miss the chance.

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