Stellantis dominates U.S. PHEV segment with record sales in Q4 2023

Stellantis dominates U.S. PHEV segment with record sales in Q4 2023

Stellantis, a multinational automotive manufacturing corporation headquartered in Amsterdam, dominated the US Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) segment in 2023, thanks especially to record-breaking sales in the fourth quarter (Q4) of last year. As per data shared by the conglomerate, overall vehicle sales in the United States declined 1.2 per cent during the Q4, settling at 343,552 units. However, the automaker experienced a notable upswing in its electrification efforts. The group witnessed an impressive year-over-year increase of 118 per cent in PHEV sales during the quarter, setting a new record with sales of nearly 44,000 units. This figure represents a noteworthy 12.8 per cent share of the conglomerate’s total sales volume.

Currently, Stellantis leads the U.S. PHEV market with a diverse lineup comprising five models under a total of four different brands, viz. Alfa Romeo Tonale, Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, Dodge Hornet R/T, Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe, and Jeep Wrangler 4xe. Remarkably, the two Jeep models and the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid stand out as the highest volume PHEVs available in the U.S. market, securing top positions in the PHEV segment.

In the whole year of 2023, the automaker demonstrated its strong commitment to sustainable mobility by selling more than 142,000 PHEVs in the U.S. This figure marks a substantial 124 per cent increase from the previous year, constituting nearly 9.4 per cent of the company’s total sales volume. The company proudly declared its 47 per cent market share in the PHEV segment, surpassing several other automakers.

With a strong foundation in the PHEV segment, Stellantis is poised to make substantial strides in the rapidly evolving landscape of electric mobility, bringing innovation and sustainable solutions to the forefront. Expressing confidence in the automaker’s momentum, U.S. Head of Sales Jeff Kommor emphasized that launch of BEVs in 2024 would prove to be a pivotal step towards realizing the company’s “Dare Forward” strategic plan.

When asked for a comment, Kommor added, “Our electrified offerings, which included the launch of Dodge Hornet R/T and Alfa Romeo Tonale in 2023, will continue to expand with our first BEVs introduced to the North America market this year, including the Jeep Recon, Fiat 500e, Wagoneer S, Dodge Charger Daytona and the Ram 1500 REV.”

Gearing up for the next phase of its electrification journey, Stellantis has plans to launch eight new all-electric models by the end of this year, as part of its aim to achieve a 50 per cent share of all-electric vehicles in its sales mix by 2030.

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