Stellantis to adopt Tesla's NACS charging connector in 2025

Stellantis to adopt Tesla's NACS charging connector in 2025

In a tactical move towards standardization & interoperability in the electric vehicle (EV) charging landscape, global automotive giant Stellantis has officially announced its decision to adopt Tesla's North American Charging Standard (NACS) starting in 2025. Also known as the SAE J3400 charging connector, the NACS will be adopted by Stellantis starting with select electric models from next year. The automobile giant aims to fully integrate the NACS charging connector into its battery-electric vehicle (BEV) lineup, targeting the "2026 model year" EVs.

As part of this trailblazing transition, the Amsterdam-headquartered manufacturer plans to make adapters available for older vehicles equipped with the Combined Charging System (CCS1) port, confirming a smooth journey to the standardized charging solution. However, the press release remarkably remains silent on the inclusion of plug-in hybrids (PHEVs), which is a significant segment for the automaker with more than 142,000 sales in 2023. In spite of this omission, it is presumed that PHEVs will ultimately incorporate the new SAE J3400 charging connector.

Ricardo Stamatti, Stellantis Senior vice President (SVP) of Global energy & Charging said, “We are happy to announce our backing and adoption of the SAE J3400 connector, a milestone for all customers on the path to open and seamless charging. Our Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan puts customers at the center of open interoperability and freedom of mobility for all.”

However, Tesla, the EV technology pioneer behind the NACS connector, hasn’t made any comment regarding Stellantis’ decision to adopt the SAE J3400 connector, which is essentially a standardized version of Tesla's charging solution. It is also worth-noting here that it has been widely adopted by a number of other major automotive groups in North America, including Ford Motor Co. Ltd. and General Motors.

It is also surprising that while a number of vehicle manufacturers that switched to NACS have announced that their EVs will have access to the Tesla Supercharging network, Stellantis takes a different approach. A spokesperson for the company emphasized that the automaker remained committed to exploring options for simplifying and enhancing charging for customers, stopping short of confirming access to the Tesla Supercharging network.

Stellantis' decision to adopt Tesla’s NACS charging connector marks a significant step towards a standardized and open-charging infrastructure, promising a seamless charging experience for EV owners. It also underscores the industry's collective effort to establish common standards to benefit customers and accelerate adoption of electric mobility.

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