SSKM Hospital Performs State’s First-Ever Liver Transplant

liver transplantA successful liver transplant operation has been carried out on Roushan, a seven-month-old baby girl, at the state-run SSKM hospital in Kolkata, on Friday.

According to reports, this was the first time that a transplant operation was performed in the eastern part of the country.

The infant's father Rajab Ali, a mason from Burdwan district, donated a portion of his liver to save the baby.

The hospital functionaries said that the baby was suffering a serious liver problem from the very first day of her life.

Liver transplantation was the only way through her life could be saved.

When Roushan was brought to the SSKM hospital, the hospital was still making preparations to carry out its first case of transplant.

At last, doctors of ILD decided to start the facility with Roushan.

Dr. Abhijit Chowdhury of the School of Digestive and Liver diseases stated that the 12-hour long surgical operation was done yesterday in which the kid's infected liver, which might have proven deadly in the long run, was dissected maintaining the vascular supplies. The liver was then detached and the transplantation was carried out.

"We kept the dissected part in a special preservative for implantation," the doctor said.

"The transplant has been highly successful, though the child will be kept under close observation for next 10 days for adjustment," RoyChowdhury said.

Moreover, doctors appreciated the bravery shown by baby's father, who donated his liver's portion at a time when the hospital was going through several difficulties to begin the transplant facility because of non-availability of donors.

The surgical procedure was assisted by transplant surgeons of Appolo hospital, New Delhi, hospital.

Chief Minister Buddhadev Bhattacharjee has congratulated the doctors' group at the SSKM hospital for this achievement.

As the patient was from a poor family, the state government and an organization, Liver Foundation, raised the entire cost of the state's first ever liver transplantation.