SpaceX to Attempt Landing of Discarded Rocket on Dry Land

SpaceX, the American Aerospace manufacturer and space transport services company for the first time will be attempting to safely land a discarded rocket on earth. The landing will take place on dry land, said company experts.

The company owned by Tesla CEO Elon Musk previously aimed to land the used rockets on a floating platform, but its attempt ended into a failure. This time Falcon 9 will be launch again from the Cape Canaveral base, but the date of the launch has not been specified yet.

“If successful, it would mark not only the first successful landing and recovery of the company’s flagship rocket, but also the first terrestrial rocket landing for SpaceX after two failed landing attempts at sea”, reported Fortune.

The Americans pace agency NASA said this week that the next launch of the Falcon 9 will attempt a booster landing at Cape Canaveral, according to Florida Today.

Carol Scott of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program said in a statement that SpaceX is planning to land on a dry land.

SpaceX is among few those companies that aim to develop reusable rockets, which can prevent the rockets boosters from crashing back to Earth and alleviate one of the biggest cost hurdles to space travel.

Previously SpaceX has made several attempts to land Falcon 9 rockets safely back on earth at sea on a floating platform, but failed. Now despite those setbacks, SpaceX remains confident that an unstable ocean platform only made the attempts more challenging.