Sony ties up with Panasonic to develop 300GB disc by 2015

Sony ties up with Panasonic to develop 300GB disc by 2015 Global electronics giants, Sony and Panasonic have entered into a partnership to develop a 300GB disc by 2015, which will offer an alternative to the Blu-Ray discs in the market.

The two companies are planning to sell discs to the archiving industry in cartridges for automated storage and retrieval of data for long term storage. They said that the device will be water and dust-resistant allowing the users to use them for long term storage.

The two companies said in a joint statement that they have "a proven track record in developing Blu-ray Disc format technologies, and by actively promoting the adoption of a new standard for next-generation high-capacity optical discs, they intend to offer solutions that preserve valuable data for future generations."

At present, the dual-layer Blu-rays can store up to 50GB or data and the companies are aiming to develop the device that will become the successor to Blu-ray discs in the market. Sony had said earlier that 4K ultra-high-definition movies will require storage space of more than 100GB of space and will not be offered on Blu-Ray discs.

They said that Optical discs are dust resistance and water resistant and can also withstand changes in temperature and humidity.

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